Almost busted

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  1. I'm heading back from picking up 2 grams of some az bud and I'm a block away from my house. I hear someone call my name and it's one of my friends, so me and my bro wait up for him. We start talkin on the corner for about 10 minutes then we start walking in the direction to my house. Were infront of my crib and I tell him I'm bout to go in so we shake n I'm walking in the driveway of my crib. All of a sudden an undercover pulls up on my street and stops. I'm about 10 ft from my door and he calls me and my bro to come back.. I walk a little forward so I'm out of his sight. So I reach in my pocket and throw my two bags and start walking over.

    Immediately the cop says "wheres the weed at" and I didn't say anything. He then says "I know when I smell weed" (No one was smoking or anything) So I tell the officer "No I don't smoke weed search me if you'd like" So he begins to search me and I see the other cop searching my friend. He pulls out a dutch in my pocket and says "What's this for? To put weed innit?" I replied with no sir I'd never break a dutch for weed. The cop lookin pissed off says they're good and heads back to the car and I say "Thanks officers"

    I had to turn on my light and start lookin for my baggies. One I found quickly cause I threw it in the driveway, the other one is in the neighbors garden. So after 10 minutes of searching I found it and went back inside and smoked out.

    Fuck da PO-LICE
  2. good quick thinking....they probably would have smoked it anyway....weed needs to be legalized already

    edit: get the other one from your neighbors garden before they toke up your green:smoking:
  3. why would you let them give you so much shit when you're on your own property?
  4. It's not like I could of just walked inside and ignored him
  5. you should have just went inside and dropped off the weed. but either way, good work.
  6. I would have walked inside and ignored him, its not like he can kick down your door on suspicion.
  7. Yeah but then if he comes bangin on the door he woulda woke up my rents.. The cops in jerz are dickholes if I had done that he'd probably say I was trying to evade him and pull some bullshit on the real.. I mean if I hadn't thrown the baggies I would of went inside as a last resort but I was fine.. No evidence on me.. Scott free :D
  8. That sucks, but quick thinking!
  9. next time stash it in your house then come out and dont let em in
  10. Born and raised in Elizabeth New Jersey so i feel for ya bro.
  11. well you could have if you were not such a bitch
  12. ^^ WTF dude?

    I smell haters.

    OP: good thinking on that shit.

    You didn't get caught, and you still have your herb.
  13. haha nice thinking

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