Almost Busted!!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ocitown, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Anyone almost let the cat out of the bag for any reason? Growin is very new to me but id be a fool to say anything to anyone at any time but when someone becomes suspicious how would YOU deal with it? I learned a valuble lesson early (a small but important one) i had made a book cover for a grow book i brought to work(the mistake) and only read it at lunch in a corner table alone. Well,when a co-worker sat across from me i still felt fine reading but when one of those glossy picture parts of the book seperated and he got a 1/1000th of a second peek,he seemed to know just what this book was all about. So i had to come up with somthing good like NOW,could of denied it but people arent stupid,sometimes you only get one chance to devert disaster. After this i sat quietly seemingly reading while i thought and waited for him to say something so i could responed and put any idea of me growing MJ out the window forever. He starts explaining when he was just out of high school about how all he wanted to do was grow MJ and so on,i started talking about how MJ growers around that time were the ones responsible in great part for the success of hydroponic setups working so well for vegatable growers and the lighting from MV to MH/HPS.I really know nothing about how true any of this is(proly isnt at all) but when faced with denial or growing MJ i had to come up with something good. He was skeptical at first but after a 20-30min. lunch chat he didnt suspect anything except i was planning to try growing the biggest best vegies in the world.Now i bring and read vegie books at work to complete this coverup,a small price to pay and a lesson well learned.:rolleyes:
  2. Thats some cool shit, imagine if it was your boss who sat ascross from you, jeez. But, happy growing.
  3. Would of set the book on the bench seat where my other stuff is,start eating and giving him the attention he would NEED as a distraction.

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