Almost blew my first spoon tonight

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  1. Just got back from glass blowing class and I got pretty close to blowing a pipe. Me and my partner were just fuckin around at the end of class but I got the spoon shape perfect but I didnt have the right tool to poke a hole in the bubble.

    cool story... I know, but I was pretty excited about it so I thought I'd share
  2. thats really cool, i was trying to find glass blowing classes in my city but there were none.
    definitely an art i want to try later though
    do teachers get mad about blowing paraphernalia like that?
  3. If your main focus was on just blowing pipes and bongs then yea probably. You just won't get any respect or be taken seriously at all if you don't actually like art. My teacher is cool and I was really just fuckin around because I finished pulling cane early. If you did want to blow a pipe or bong then I would take a flameworking class, one that focuses on lampworking to be more specific. They will teach you all the skills you need to make your own. And if you invested some money you could make your own studio and pump them out left and right.
  4. Cool story, im sure it was exciting getting close to blowing a spoon. I would love to explore the art later in life, it is very interesting to me.
  5. Yeah, I've been dreaming about this for awhile. There are even a couple studios in my relative area that teach, but I just need to get some money saved up, and my city was hit HARD by the fucking recession.

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