Almost blacked out from smoking?

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  1. Okay so today before school, I went over to my friend's house to smoke a couple of bowls and get nice an ripped. The four of us proceeded to pack a bubbler. My friend only had mids (bastard) and he packed the bowl half full of them. Me and my other friend packed the rest of the bowl with heads and began to smoke. Now after about 3 hits, I started to feel a little light headed. I thought nothing of it and kept smoking. After we finished the rest of the bowl, I began to feel a lot more light headed and now I was beginning to see color and waves, almost like the onset of a migraine. The colors and hazy, light headed feeling got so bad, that I had to sit down and close my eyes or else I would have passed out. My friend got me a gatorade and I drank half of it. 5 minutes later, I stood up, smoked another bowl, and went off to school fine.

    My question is what do you think caused this? Dehydration seems like the reason, but maybe there is something else. I also think smoking mids may have played a role in it, because I haven't smoked mids in like a year. I have never had this negative of a reaction to smoking and I guess I am interested what would have caused this..
  2. Dude it was not the mids, lmao. Your body wouldn't reject "low grade pot" unless you are the Snob of All Weed Snobs, haha.

    I had a friend who blacked out once during a smoking session. We eventually came to the conclusion that when he was smoking he locked his legs into place abd cut off bloodflow. So I think the answer to your question could be ANYTHING. Were you guys sitting, then all stood up really fast? Maybe you got vertigo. Maybe you were dehydrated, but i doubt that. I think we'd all need more details. But if you smoked a 2nd bowl right after, i think you're fine.
  3. I almost blackout sometimes when I stand up to fast. The chance of that happening goes from 10% to 75% if I'm holding a hit at the time

  4. we were standing the whole time. I usually am pretty stationary when I am standing, so maybe I wasn't getting blood circulating properly...
  5. This has happened to me 3 times in my life, I wouldn't worry about it
  6. Because of the fact that it was the morning, I can imagine that your body might not have been fully prepared for getting so high. Think of a wake and bake, when you realize you're delirious because of your wake and bake.
  7. About twice a year i get killer migraines that start very similar like what happen to u and then go away after about a hour, but never when ive smoked. Maybe u just got a random migraine?

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