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Almost an OZ of mold. What to do?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kevin160, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. So my buddy had about 22-25 grams of moist beasters in his safe in a ziploc for 2 weeks without opening it because he forgot he had it lol. He gave it to me cause he works out of town most of the week and obviously he doesnt wanna smoke/give it away.

    But i was wondering if you could still cook with it? Like would the mold get killed off if i was to make some butter? I dont remember what temperature your supposed to make cannabutter so I kinda doubt it and this shit is pretty moldy haha.

    but i could never sell this to someone and i dont plan on smoking it lol.

    Ill post a pic of this nasty shit if i get a chance.
  2. Hell no, don't make food. I say make some iso hash or BHO. The iso or butane would probably kill off all of the bacteria and mold and make you some potent hash as well!
  3. u could make tincture. I doubt cooking would work tho

  4. wow i just made some iso hash off my last harvest didnt even think of that. So would it really kill all the mold off? Do you know if I would go about making the iso hash the same way? Just break the buds up and let em freeze for 30 min?

  5. bubble hash i think is the best

    dont friggin eat it, and dont smoke it, mold is poison

    honestly unless you are really hard up i would just throw it out
    it wouldnt be worth it, esp if it wasnt very good smoke to begin with

    just my 2cents
  6. Well yeah, rubbing alcohol is supposed to kill bacteria, so I don't see why it wouldn't kill off the mold. And also, the process is exactly the same.

  7. Yeah well you see thats the thing i didnt buy the buds or anything so i could care less just tryin to see if i can make something outta nothin. My buddy just asked if i could do anything with them and he said if i offed them(which i dont plan on doin) to break him off.

    I wouldnt mine having a sick batch of iso hash for me and him to split when he gets back this weekend.

    Ive only made hash a few times right now i dont have the time or $ to get into bubble hash.

    Anyone think iso hash would be worth it? its just some average rock hard beasters lol but almost an ounce would make alotta hash id imaigine.

  8. you can get screens and make your bubble cheap fwik
  9. No one is 100%, don't do it. Toss it, live and learn. or try making something trippy like a vase, with random buds frozen in it.

    Then just leave it somewhere for someone to find and TRIP BALLS.
  10. Toss it, more harmful than the mold itself is the mold mycotoxins. Even if you kill the mold the mycotoxins are still in there. Toss it.
  11. Why does everyone think making hash out of it is safe?

    As far as I can tell, if you make hash with it, there will be mold in the hash. Dead or not its mold.
  12. Just get rid of it. You never know what could happen. :confused:
  13. put it in the garbage
  14. make incense out of it :D
  15. just smoke it mane.
  16. I would throw it out.
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  17. give it to somebody you dont like

  18. i always forget when i have 22-25 grams layin around too lol
  19. i know it sucks like no other but i would just throw it in the garbage...even if you make hash out of it, there is still a good chance it will have some mold in it. i don't think its worth it. :smoking:
  20. i personally would toss it...

    if i ever forgot that I had an ounce.
    but that'll never happen :smoking:

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