Almost 21 with a curfew..

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  1. Okay sup guys, just posting this vent a little..
    So lately I've been going to my gf's house late at night and staying there till around 2-3am gettin some poon.
    You see, I turn 21 in a few months and I feel I shouldn't really have to report to my folks and whatnot.
    It's not THAT serious, they don't really ask where I'm going usualy, but if it's in the late hours, my dad get kind of pissy.
    Okay, so my family is from the middle east, and we came to the states in like '99, so I've been here most of my life. My parent's never really had "the talk" with me and it sucks that talking about females and gf's and whatnot is so awkward that I don't even tell them anything.
    I feel like I am a pretty responsible person..
    I went to CC right after highschool, I have one more semester of CC left until I transfer to the University.
    I have have two part time jobs, one of which is a work study program where I do homework.
    So you say, just move out..well you see, my folks are moving back to our homeland in a few years and my little brother and I get the it would be in my best interest to stick around and be patient..
    Anyways, my girl tells me that I should talk to them and let them know that I am an adult and I shouldn't really have to get a guilt trip or whatever for coming home late..
    This really isn't a huge problem or anything but I'm not sure how to approach this whole thing..I always tell them I'm hanging out at one of my (male) friend's house..or going out with some friends and whatnot..
    It's so weird that in this family, it's like taboo to talk about girl interests and whanot..EVEN THOUGH MY MOM GOT MARRIED TO MY DAD AT LIKE 20! so what the fuck
    thanks for letting me vent guys, any words of advice or anything is appreciated.. :smoke:

  2. just tellem you're gay and start wearing dresses when you leave (you can change in the car later)....
    they will drop all interest in where you are going and have been.
  3. wow....
  4. that doesn't sound like a good idea
  5. just tell them you're at your gfs and will be home late. leave it at that. 21 with a curfew.. aw how cute
    are the sarcasm tags hard to see?
  7. It may not really be about you.
    My daughter moved back in with us for a while after her divorce. She was roughly 24. She started going out with friends until the wee hours of the morning.
    Eventually I had to put my foot down and give her a time to be home or sleep elsewhere. Why, you may be wondering?
    I am an extremely light sleeper and usually go to bed around one AM. It gets very old, very quickly, being awaken an hour or two after falling asleep and then by the putting around of another as thery wind up their day and get ready for bed.
    My house and I need some rest. You are a guest and may be causing discomfort.
    Talk to them, maybe it's similiar. :smoke:
  8. Seems like a pretty difficult situation.  I'm 22 years old and I just moved back into my parents house for the winter months while I'm looking for a new apartment.  I kinda know how you feel.  You just need to politely explain where you are going and how long you will be gone.  A much easier solution would be to just stay the night at your girlfriends place and explain that to your parents.
  9. Yea, that might be it..because that front door/gate thing is squeaky as fuck..
    If only I could teleport..
  10. See the thing is, I can only go there after 10:30 pm because that is when her uncle goes to work and he comes back at like 6am..
    So I gotta be out of there before that..
  11. WD-40 or Slick 50 :smoke:
  12. i stopped having a strict curfew at like 16 lol. you gotta communicate your feelings with them if you want anything to change tho, you are an adult, you deserve more freedom than that.. inside their house its their rules but what and where you go outside of is aint really their bidnuss anymore

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  13. Well take your girl out to dinner or something nice man!  at like 7 or 8 o'clock.  Head back to her place after her uncle is gone and then leave at 5:30 a.m.  Go home and make your parents a nice breakfast.  I'm sure they wouldn't complain about that!
  14. yea i feel what you mean as i was in similar position and had a very similar issue as ICGreen, verry light sleepers. we got into a few arguments but i ended up telling them that i would call in case i may be coming home late so they wouldnt worry, and that i would go through the back, which was closest to my room, and be quiet as possible.
  15. You say your mom got married at 20...

    If you get married maybe they wouldn't care anymore? Lol
  16. Maybe they are getting tired of you waking them up at 3 in the morning.
  17. Well you need to understand something dude. When you come in at 2 or 3 am, you make noise, and you're libel to wake other people living there up. That's a bitch when said people have to get up in the morning, you feel me? Or even if those people are early risers; they're not likely to just be able to sleep in because they got woken up in the wee hours. The body has a rhythm it mostly sticks too, and you feel like crap if it's disrupted.
    So I'd say, think of it less like "I'm almost 21 and have a curfew" and more like "as members of this household there are common courtesy rules we all abide by." I mean, it doesn't sound like they stay out until all hours, and expect you to live by different rules or anything.
  18. How the hell do you guys make enough noise to wake your parents up? If I come home late I purposely try to be dead silent.
  19. I become Solid Snake
  20. Just put up with it till your parents move out
    Easy said

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