allrighty,then i killed them

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  1. seems someone got a little smug with her growing plans. hooked myself up with two boys that cant wire a ballast... cant build a thing, well and frankly didnt do a THING.
    anyhow all by myself i jimmyrigged a very workable system, with a very small area i s hoping for just a few plants for boy # 2, useless lol, but totally trustworthy :) to take home a few girls to plant in the great outdoors....everything was really really cool,..and working.
    untill the breaker flipped and those tiny babies spent 2 and half days in the cold dark place where they a panic my first impulse eeek my gwd they need water....eeh i suppose not the thing to do.
    what was once a purtey purtey dark green sprout is now ugly green and bent over and curling up on all the leaves :eek:
    i wish i could take back some of the things i said to my "helper boys" this weekedn....shit like "mrs greenthumb"..."all mine, because you didnt help",..."i HATE that low quality shit yer smokin right now"....aah an much more
    p.s. i do hate this low quality shit were
    lol,,,it just figures.
  2. an yes, im ashamed.
  3. I feel your pain....and you should be holding your head a little

    So the grow you planned did not work out....I'm sorry to hear that..Did you wack it down,,or is it salvagable? I have managed to save many that suffered "the cold shrink"

    low light,,,warm soil/water

  4. to tell you the slinkin round.some....
    although the bottom leaves look bad i still have some hope! they do have new growth . im going to pull a boy thing here ;)they were almost 9 inches tall.( that means about 5 or 6 inches really) hehehehehe when disaster struck. maybe, just maybe i can save them,...after all i really do refer to myself as the green queen and other such nonsence.
  5. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you,,and your baby....put that greenthumb on

  6. with a little tender loving care they did come back around.
    they looked a little wierd for a awhile but began lookin very very nice. found a couple of boys,...THAT is a scary descision for a newbie!
    today being a nice warm sunny day i did some cleaning and put the girls out for some 'fresh'air
    NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO! LUCKY!!!!!!!! he ate 4!, foot long bushy :rolleyes: plants that i was SURE were girls. why me????
    why?why?why? damn dog
    sigh...the project is not over i still have some checkin to do,...they better be gals or that dog really is in trouble. then theres always the clone man.*sigh again.
    and to top it all off......i mighta mentioned this before probably several times....MY MANS CLAIMIN ALL THE SHIT....well thats just fine i told him, CLAIM it was his TOO!lol
    *smiles sweetly*

  7. Well why in the hell did he let the dog out if he takes all the credit? Ehhh Half-pint *LOL*
  8. Time to rename that dog,,"Unlucky" I think...I am going to throw some good growing karma up in the air tonight,,,I sure hope it falls over your

  9. its a good thing i like the half-pint thing :D darlin.
    the dog thing totally my fault. as im sure you already figured I PERSONALLY sometime ago showed little sweetface what a plant smelled like. my man ..."what the F are you doing"...
    "training my pooch to find marijuana" uh,...."NO, no you arent" "your training your monster to eat marijuana"
    although i did not see my baby actually eating them, tho the dirt on his face, head and ears led me to the conculusion......figures,figures,figures.not only did he eat them he played withthen.... you know tore them out then shook the poo outta them then ran all over the yard with them then...then..then... its kinda disturbing to know it is my fault AGAIN...another mistake i wont be making again.
    ndica thanks for the karma, for i DO need some,looks like someone else sent me sunshine and 70+ degrees. an who says i dont have any friends?

    new very flimflammy about puting a couple of plants in the same place as last year. i was VERY good about my secret only blabbing about it here a few times. not a soul and i mean noone round here knew. BUT they grew soooo nice. at the very least im thinkin of keeping them UNder a chain fence kinda like scrogg (ithink) should i risk it? was 3 plants last year im thinking maybe 2 this year?
    remember the ole man claimin HIS!HIS!HIS!
  10. If it works, keep doing it. My dogs have also done the same to me before as well. But they are Australian blue heelers, and we all know how those birds from down under have a taste for fine plants. LOL
  11. I say get on the fence with the girls,,it worked once already for you,,it will again,,as BPP said...if it works.. keep doing it..

    never had a dog problem,I always have had large dogs,,,but cats now!!!they seem to love budding do I....peace

    good luck


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