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Discussion in 'General' started by peacenpot420, May 6, 2011.

  1. So I have to get allergy shots for at least the next 5 years and i have to get six of them every time I go. I'm the kind of person that is literally allergic to everything...I can't even list all the things I'm allergic to. When i got tested there was not one thing they could find that I wouldn't react to. Has anyone else done this? Did it work for you? I'm hoping by the end of this I'll be done with these fucking allergies...
  2. dude, get out. i got tested, i was allergic to everything on the the test besides the foods. not joking, EVERYTHING. i'm HIGHLY allergic to dust mites, weed AND tree pollen, cats/dogs (let alone the fact that i have a pet cat that i refuse to get rid of...) every type of tree, ragweed, some other weed i can't pronounce, and even more. it's horrible, believe me, i know. i can't open ANY windows in my house, and i have to use pillow and matters covers, hypoallergenic blankets, and wash ALL my blankets every week. i just started to get medicated earlier this year, and my doctor told me all about the shots. he did say that it takes at LEAST 6 months to a year to notice anyyyyy change in your allergic reactions. and that help from the shots isn't guaranteed. i am not succumbing to the pressure to get the shots. i hate needles, and it's a hassle to drive there. if my allergies don't get better though, i'll have to. shit's rough.. :/

    oh, and i have severe, severe, severe asthma. i can't even walk up stairs. i'm on probably 7 medications for both asthma and allergies. it's bad. i feel your pain. i really hope the shots work for you! but i wouldn't know from my own experience, yet.
  3. Damn, I feel really sorry for you folks with severe allergies. I've only got some seasonal stuff that lasts for a month around this time, as well as an aspartame allergy I got from eating too many sugar free mints, so I can't chew most gum or drink diet soda.

    Its really gotta be a bummer to be worried about having a reaction that might be life threatening.
  4. aww. i'm sorry. yeah, allergies suck so hard. oh, i forgot, i'm also allergic to nickel, and some other form of metals. even gold. i can't wear belts that have buckles or any metal or i'll get a rash. some with necklaces, etc.
  5. yeah i used to get allergy shots. in my honest opinion, it was a total waste of time (and money). But i wasn't 'allergic to everything', so maybe it might be in your best interest.
  6. I know the exact test your talking about. They poke your skin like 50 times, then put a drop of something on it to see if your allergic to it. Then they fucking stick like 5 syringes in you.

    My advice, don't get the allergy shots. All there doing is injecting allergens in you to build a tolerance.

    I used to be severely allergic to dogs, Ive had a dog for a few years now, and Im barely allergic to it anymore.

    You build up a tolerance eventually.

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