All you guys shut up!

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. hahah, preemptive shut up there.

    anyways ladies, i have a question... amongst some other things, im making my girlfriend a cd for christmas, and i was wondering if any of you can recommend a few good songs to add on...?? something lovey dovey soft style, you know what i mean. its gonna be half sexxy love style music, quarter her favourite songs, quarter my favourite songs. should be good. so any tips are wanted. guys toss in any ideas too.

    ps, the shut up was for anyone who wanted to tell me im a loser or a cheapskate :p I said amongst other things!! Plus shes hot .... ;)
  2. sheryl crows cover of the classic "the first cut is the deepest", by pp arnold.............and also, sheryl crow and kid rock "i put your picture away", 2 good love songs that been listening to recently, as the best of sheryl crow's on in my changer in the g/f loves them........Peace out..........Sid
  3. awesome man, ill give em a try ;)
  4. Aren't you guys apart a lot?

    Here Without You...3 Doors Down

    Wild Horses...Rolling Stones. Bush, The Sundays and Jewel do good covers.

    Dido...Thank You

    Norah Jones...Come Away With Me

    Sophie B Hawkins.....Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover

    Sade...No Ordinary Love

    Chris Isaak....Wicked Game

    (The last three are cool for sex.)

    I don't know. Different people like different stuff. I know a lot of hard core songs that are lovey dovey to me. LOL!
  5. yea our relationship is kinda fucked up... she lives in the next town over, which you think wouldnt make much differance, but its REALLY hard for us to get together, i mean like it takes a miracle for me to see her. but when i do... i honestly cant take my eyes off her, not even for a second. its like theres nothing else in the world except her and me, and thats all there needs to be, and its perfect.

    actually rmjl, a few things you said to me last time me and her were on the rocks got me thinking, and i dont know if we;d be together if it wasnt for you... (oddly enough what you said wasnt so important if i remember correctly, but it just sort of made something else click in my head..., either way, i take your judgement on relationships pretty seriously for some reason.. i just trust ya i guess ?? anyways you always seem like a reliable source, thanks for the music suggestions.)

    i wont need the sexxing songs yet... as we are miraculously enough BOTh still virgins... but im positive my first will be with her, i mean, she talks about it like we already have almost sometimes :D hahah. but yea, thanks for the suggestions. ill download em all and give em all a listen.

    ANYMORE is great! I might wind up making 2 cds... we'll see.

    (and ill be back for more good sex music in the near future ;) )
  6. Chingy - Holidae Inn
  7. Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple.

    I also am stoned.
  8. lol all that is in my truck to listen to is corrosion of conformity ,system of a down ,savatage and panterra

    so um

    i cant help too much

    oh wait

    try savatage

    look for a song called belive

    also i'll keep your secrets(mite be under savatage or trans sybirian orcastra)
  9. 2 live crew - shake that ass bitch

    hehe should ad that one as a bonus track
  10. i said half lovey mushy stuff, quarter my favourites, quarter her favourites.

    2 plus 1 plus 1 equals 4. 4 quarters equals a whole ;)
  11. :)

    Incubus - Wish You Were Here.
    Red_Hot Chili Peppers - Tear
    N.E.R.D - Baby Doll
    311- amber
    Incubus - Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song). <-- luv it.
    ncubus - Aqueous Transmission
    Incubus - I miss you
    Radiohead - blackstar
    dj delerium - Innocente (DJ Tiesto Remix)
    Dj Tiesto - In my memory
    Counting Crows - Amy Hit the Atmosphere
    Marvin Gaye - Lets Get It On
    Oasis - Wonderwall
    Fuel - king for a day
    Eric sermon - just like music

    This would be a good drivin around cd... some nice mood change but an overall feeeling of love (awwwwwww) i wish i could do the same for my girl, but she listens to country.
    the only music i despise.

    but all in all some of those should get the rockin juices flowin...;)
  12. hahah thanks man ;) ill try em all out, throw some of them bad boys in with my own. i think this is gonna work good.

    ive decided im making a two CD ensemble hahaha. plus some flower action, some candles, massage oil and the likes. throw em all together and bingo ;) one happy girl, atleast i hope so....
  13. Led Zeppelin: 'Since I've been loving you'.
    Led Zeppelin: 'Stairway to heaven'.
    Scorpions: 'Still loving you'
    Stones: 'Angie'
    Deep Purple: 'Child in time'

    Beautiful classic rock love songs... If you decide to pick her flower, I would suggest to do it on 'Child in time'. The song works to such a nice climax! Been there done that...LOL!

  14. sounds like you are on the right trac to me man.....the more time you put into in the more they like it ...

    the thing they hate is when it looks like you just picked some shit off the shelf....

  15. LMAO! "If you decide to pick her flower....?" I'm sorry, Woody, but that's funny. You know I love you but you're too sweet! ;)
  16. hahaha, im sure it wont be any time soon there woody.

    works up to a nice climax eh?? did you have it on repeate or was it done just like that :p
  17. yeah that song rocks......try the 12 min live version, it's amazing.............Peace out........Sid

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