All the signs are there but it doesn't FEEL right..

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by ieatbabies, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. The hairs are receding, trichromes are all cloudy and i saw like maybe 2 - 3 amber ones. I might be getting greedy though cause i'm looking for a bud to help me with pain and sleep (etc) maybe sell/give some to my buddies who also have medical cards ( I grow for all of us). What do you guys think? I can't post the same pictures so if you want pics <-- there are some, last post. What do you guys think? I might let it go for another couple days...
  2. Let it go another couple days or another full week! Dude its totally worth it. I harvested some dank bag seed strain a couple months ago. The trichs were all cloudy like yours, however, when I smoked it I found it was a creeper buzz, it would make me zone out super hard and space out at the most random things.

    I would assume because of cloudiness it gave you that couchlock and with a dominate cerebral effect. However, the strain I grew coulda been a big factor also.

    Still, I harvested another plant I waited till the trichs were mostly amber, it was a lame bagseed plant so I wanted to see how fat it'd get. Didn't get much bigger but the high was so couchlock.

    Like those couch locks where you can't even feel your legs and your body randomly twitches sometimes. Just thinking of going to the refrigerator was a 10 minute deliberation.

    For my current grow, I'm def waiting for something in between, but from where your standing, I'd wait till half/half, and not "maybe 2 amber ones". WORTH IT!

  3. I will wait for more amber then! I love that, 10 minute deliberation... how true that is xD

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