All the signs are telling me not to do this

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dudeimoncoke, May 26, 2010.

  1. Today was my last final so I decided to celebrate. I woke up and packed a nice trench of some good stuff in my magic flight launch box and went to take my final. On my way to take it, I ran into 2 cops on the train, one cop walking right next to me as I was walking to the building, and another cop was in line behind me in Subway while I was baked trying to order. It seems like the universe doesn't want me to smoke weed today but I'm going to ignore it. Still a whole time of the day left to smoke weed and I hope I don't get caught.

    I'm very high right now so this thread seemed like a good idea. No clue if any of it makes sense though.
  2. Don't stop. Don't be sketch. :smoke:
  3. Your from NY bro.....your surprised theres alot of cops?
  4. I see them all the time but they don't usually walk right next to me. It was pretty funny that I had weed just sitting in my pocket as I was 1 foot away from a cop.
  5. this reminds me of a time when i was smoking a cig packed with weed while walking down the street last year

    all of a sudden i heard sirens, sure enough i look behind me its a cop car coming my way, i sketch out but just stay chill and hold the cig low, i though for sure she was gonna get me, then she drove past and i thought "how ironic that i was standing right next to that cop car smoking weed, she had no idea"

    i thought for a second it was a sign and i should stop, but my desire to get stoned was too strong
  6. lol u think thats bad? We got stopped in a small park in Port Jeff and I have a half zip in my pocket and they only searched our wallets for some fuckin reason lol Im like "fuck im as good as locked up" and I started thiking how to stash that shit and the cop gives me a ticket for trespassing and I walked out and I hear one the cops talking about the stench of weed...I got out of there and laughed the whole way home...

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