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  1. All that we see, all that we have, all that we build, every single thing on the planet earth, has been since day one.

    The clothes we wear, the television set, the silver spoon, the glass window, the concrete wall, everything in sight, touch or anything on this earth that pervades our 5 natural senses, has been since the first birthday of the earth, there is nothing new.

    Nothing has recently sprung up into existance, nothing has been "created" We just utilised atoms which were already there.

    We only have discoveries, of things which have long been here before.
  2. Possibility does not equal existence. Though, I would agree, we will not be making or finding things that are impossible to produce in our Universe. :D
  3. Interesting, very interesting. I feel that possibility does equal existance in a way (not totally rationally mind you :p), existance is realitive to the observer and where they are in the universe.

    I could represent it in a loop (need to create a thread on this concept)

    Through an understanding of what physics shows when matter cannot be created or destroyed, we can see that everything possible already exists, just somewhere else. It could be said to both exist and not exist. Here, it doesn't exist but there it does.

    When the beginning and the end are connected, any possibility the system has, exists eternally through the balance of energy that cannot be created or destroyed. It's just at a different place.

    Everything that is possible already exists somewhere in eternity from what this model shows. It's just both existance and non-existance, an interesting paradox for sure.

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  4. Not 100% right.

    A lot of the renewable resources haven't been here since day one, even though their ancestors have been. (I'm talking about plants, etc.)

    But what you have said is pretty true.

    dont mind me i dont know what Im talking about
  5. Everything that has been has been before.

    Everything we see is not what it seems, everything we own is not really our own, we are only tenants - only enjoying the ride of time, only living this the gift of life, only grace in this gift of living conciesness.

    We have remoddled the clay of our world time and time again, we have risen high and we have risen low.

    We have not made a single invention, we only sojourn this earth ingenuitively, we have just chipped out the marr out of the clay- we have neither made it nor created it.

    Everything is original, and has been since the beginnig , we have engerneered nature's wealth, nature's gift of resources.

    We are not creators, nor are we inventers, we are only inovators. passer byes, bystanders and passengers, aliens and strangers, traverlers and sojourners, take me to the motherland. this is not our home

    Wer'er trekking this present time forward in this awkward and strange land, a land we know not, a land of our fathers - when we sang even at birth to the beckoning embrace of mother nature, we were given a gift, she whispered a gift, she sang us a gift, she taught us a gift, and this is her gift .... the fruit of life, but moreso over the fruit of death...
    "O but thou fool! who can stand against these immortal bullies!" we're just puppets my brothers. Diogenes
  6. Puppets of ourselves my friend ;)
  7. some of the bricks might have been here all that time, but the buildings.... oh my how they change through the ages.

    some of those bricks though.... wrap around to simultaneiously be a brick for another realm too....
  8. Except for personalities.
  9. This.. you might hold true, but in actuality nothing has recently sprung up which has not been before, even if we say Coca Cola was not here 4000ya, the basis of its minerals were always here, it just waited for us to be intelligent enough to utilise it the way we have.

    The Earth has provided us with all the things which we see today... nothing we have is not a gift from it which has not been since the very beginning.

  10. Yes... Though I see nothing profound in this, I see it as self evident given what we know. Still, possibility does not equal existence. :D
  11. Yea man, well said - you have put the nail right on the dot;)
  12. Hey, he said that in his first post too.

    How so?
  13. It made no sense the first time he said it...

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