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All My Friends Are Dead..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by EffAreAyEnKay, May 30, 2009.

  1. Well to the world of weed smokin' at least. I'm 21 and about 70% of my close friends, who pretty much all smoked at one time or another, don't anymore. Varying reasons, but i just find that most look at weed as an immature thing that you grow out of, a "Youthful Phase" if you will. Well I for one see alcohol as the real immature drug. It ruins lives and families, yet it is MORE MATURE and SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE. I've fucking had it with this pointless paradigm. Is anyone else in here goin through the same shit? Does anyone agree?
  2. I agree fully.
  3. Stereotypes are everywhere my friend
  4. i agree man. my dad and i work very closely together in his legal practice. and we will usually go out for drinks at the end of the week for an hour or two...or three and just shoot the shit together. we dont get shitty, but we definitely alter our mood.

    i think weed could be used in the same fashion. I think if it were legal pops and i could go to a cafe, order some espresso and a blunt and just chill.

    Alcohol and weed do have many different pros and cons though.

    and i know how you feel when it comes to people bailing on weed. smoking weed is not something i do because my friends do it. in fact, i was the only one in my circle who didnt smoke weed, and i always stood up for it, always defended it. Now every single one of my friends smokes pretty much daily. All except one. He is proving to be difficult, but whatever.
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    You can drink and ruin your liver, possibly murder people driving drunk (to me it's just like pointing a gun in a random direction and pulling the trigger, maybe you'll kill someone, maybe you won't, either way you know exactly what you're doing and you know what the consequences may be, so I call it straight up murder), cause domestic disputes and destroy your family.

    You can smoke cigarettes, chew tobacco, get cancer and slowly poison yourself.

    But god forbid you smoke weed, eat some Oreos and watch Spongebob, right? Glad people have their priorities in order....

    Pretty much the only negative aspects of smoking weed are due solely to the fact that it is illegal. Hopefully some day people will wake up and realize this...on the other hand though, they say we're supposed to learn history so as to not repeat it. Well, we're repeating the Prohibition of the '30s, except it's with a much less harmful substance. How very intelligent, indeed.
  6. This is a great piece of writing.

  7. I never grew out of it, but if that means that I am STILL in my "Youthful Phase", all I can say is..................fuck ya, 'cause that's a phase I NEVER want to grow out of. :hello:
  8. Many people smoke in highschool at parties obviously. I think it's more social thing for people. But you shouldn't be mad at them, it is their decision
  9. I think what makes him/us mad is the fact that these people look down upon those who continue to smoke pot, as if drinking alcohol is "better" or "more mature." They can choose to use/not use whatever they damn well please, but they don't need to be condescending about it.
  10. In my personal experience, not everybody knows how to figure cannabis use into their blossoming adult lives. Some people feel it demotivates them or sends them off track from where they want to head with their lives. These people are making a decision based on personal experience and preference, and if that's how they see it, there's not much you can do to change their minds. Nor should you want to change their minds, because it's their choice and their lives.

    For the lucky of us who can balance a mind-altering drug with all of the personal and social responsibilities of adulthood... Well, maybe we're just a little more well-rounded ;)
  11. I never said i was mad at them. In fact I totally respect everyone's decisions about it cus hey, after all it is their choice and their body. It is just a little sad to see people who you once were easily able to relate to turn into someone completely different. I've seen my one friend ,who's dad is a cop btw, go from smoking, to selling, to buying a bong or 3 to not smoking and now outright denying he ever smoked/sold/had anything to do with weed. It is a part of life and a part of growing up but it is still shitty. People just turn into hypocrites over time and forget how good it is to be blazed.
  12. Exactly! Remember when you started smoking, and people got on your ass for doing it, and it annoyed the fuck out of you? Well it was your choice, just as this is theirs. I have friends who don't smoke, so when we hangout, they will have a few beers. I'll smoke a few pinners, as long as i'm with them having fun, it's all good
  13. If they frown upon you for doing something you enjoy, well, fuck 'em :smoke:
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    same exact thing happened to me last summer. a lot of my smoking friends had to quit for either probation, school, work, or money reasons. a few said the same thing about "a youthful phase you grow out of" and i die laughing when they say that. i found that by meeting more stoners not only did i get more new stoner friends but i also found better prices and a wider array of drugs:smoke:

    i think the people who say "its a youthful phase you grow out of" were never really TRUE stoners. a true stoner knows a descent amount about weed, including medicinal properties and uses of the plant, not the "it ruins families" bullshit. i think the people who grow out of it only smoked weed to fit in in the first place because if they truely loved weed, they wouldnt "grow out of it".
  15. i agree with you 100% i only smoke weed i dnt drink expt the occasional beer i never drink hard stuff and never drink to get hammered its just dumb
  16. I have no problem with people drinking over smoking but saying its more mature than blazing is just dumb
  17. Maybe they just don't understand
  18. i have nothing against drinking or tobacco but this is real talk

  19. Man i dont really approve liquor/beer over mary jone.

    Also i dont know what you guys smoke but i smoke shit that i cannot drive after. Trichome infested shit. :D

    They each got good and bad things to make it simple.

    I'm toasted off of kush.
  20. you are just legally allowed to drink a beer. You guys are far from mature let alone for marijuana. No one is too mature for marijuana and you aren't even done developing till age of 25 and you cannot rent a car.

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