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All I want to do Is Be High!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DMX, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. #1 DMX, Aug 12, 2012
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    Thats all I wana do.. Well, I mean I go to work and do stuff while Im high.. Just Its like i need to be high to do those things.

    All I think about is getting high. When Im high at work I get kinda pissed cause I always feel it going away and just cant wait to smoke the roach in the car or something.

    I also have been off my antidepressants. which has alot to do with it I think, but then again when I was on them, i still wanted to be high all day.

    I spend money that I dont even have on weed, its ridicolous. Ill drive to work on E(empty gas tank), Just so I can have a 20 bag for a couple blunts that day. This is everyday. I also am addicted to other things. Dont want to talk about it and get banned or anything but I cant afford to do both substances. And I REALLLY want/need both everyday.

    I am an addict. To weed/ and getting high in general. If im high on anything life is better for me.

    How do I stop and just live a normal happy life where i dont NEED these things to have a good life???

    Im only 20 years old I Dont want to be worse than this in 5 years..

    PS: I probally wouldnt be making this thread if Money wasnt a MAJOR issue here. If I could smoke all the weed and do the things I need, and still have rent and food money at the end of the week. I would be happy. But thats like winning the lottery.
  2. Use weed and only weed, pick your strains to suit your day/work/mood.

    Ditch the pharma pills by tapering off them correctly and use weed as a tool to help you.

    Ditch all the other drugs and drink just smoke weed and all will become clear, those other substances your putting in your body are causing the problems.

    So what if all you think about is weed just be grateful you have found weed and it works for you but trust me ditch everything else and live a clean healthy weed smoking life.

    The choice is yours you are only young, dont get hooked up the whole addiction thing think of it as a lifestyle.

  3. I have literally the same feeling as you, and this is the best thing to do. I used to take other drugs as well, taper them off in a way that you don't feel terrible everyday and just stick to weed. Trust me in a few weeks off other drugs you will feel so much better, I've cut done my weed use as well it is the best thing to do trust me
  4. when i was 20 i did alot of other drugs too.i am now hair is Gone! My teeth! our Gone! i eat soft food now and am still losing weight.i quit the other drugs by the time i was 24, ive been drug FREE for over 5 teeth started rotting out right after i quit and within 3 years they were all gone! then went my hair! both my brother's younger and older have all thier hair and mom's family's side had all thier hair till they were in thier 50's.You dont know how bad life truely is untill you cant eat hard or tough things.

    You need to find yourself a hobbie that dosent involve sitting infront of a pc.the weed is waking up your mind, your unconscious one. It's clearly trying too tell your heart to f off and use your mentality more but your addictions keep making you go overe to your feelings and right now u need to ignore the feelings coming from your heart and listen to your head more your common sence ,this is reality i have to live in one.your heart just wants what it wants and really dosent care if u have to pay bills or not but your mind knows better!

    Sincerly good luck to you quitting those other things bringing you down and making the weed hard to talk to you.
  5. rather have it and not want it then want it and not have it.. stay high, fuck others opinions on your habits.

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