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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bubonicplague, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. is a good fan for the side of my box

    and soil

    then i can start my grow

    specially if i can find mylar at a store

    or reflectix

    wish me luck im prolly going on a hunt for them tommorow

    seeds are already germaniating (sp) also!

    -- The Bubonic Plauge
  2. that's exciting. good luck! keep us updated on the progress
  3. looking on eBay for fans is your best bet. I ended up getting some beasty fans for cheap because I know how to search on there.
  4. Well i got my fan

    it ended up being a 120mm computer fan

    im sorta growing in a box type set up

    well now all i need is my seeds to germaniate (sp i know)

    3-4 days into that

    the day that the tap root comes out i get soil

    decided to pass on the mylar for now

    400Ws of flourscent power

    starting a grow journal as soon as there planted

    -- the bubonic plague
  5. Ahhhhh my seeds have germaniated

    ready to go in soil

    and they will be
    by monday or tuesday


    starting a grow journal tonight probably
  6. just make this thread your grow journal....unless you've already started another one

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