All Hope Is Lost

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Huey_Freeman, Jun 8, 2013.

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    The Ass Threads are gone. All hope is lost. Abandon ship. I repeat, abandon ship.

  2. Check out my body thread if you haven't already, I made it because I think it's the most underrated part of the female.
  3. Ohhh no what will I beat my meat to now? :rolleyes:  :laughing:
  4. That is true! Love me a beautiful curvy body!
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    the ass threads are not gone. their stickied at the top of pandora i think,
    edit. they are gone lol.
  6. Not for meat beating... There's other sites for that. But those asses got me through the day when work was slow. Oh well... now it looks like I gotta get some booty irl.
  7. boob thread just got shut down as well
    seems like all the threads will be killed soon, then it will most likely drive me off. I dont care for the direction shit is heading, especially since the switch.
  8. I'm sure the moderators are happy...those threads caused all sorts of shit storms lately...
  9. pretty sure it was only the ass threads that did, and thats cuz bitches love drama, if they didnt there wouldnt have been a problem.
  10. The Ass Thread was like... The Holy Grail of GC. 
    So many asses in there .. gone... forever... in the sea of despair.
  11. May we all take a moment of silence, as we puff to the death of beautiful asses that was casted away like ashes in the wind.
  12. No. It hasn't broken any rules. I do not know why the ass thread(s) got deleted. Did it have something to do with the people that couldn't handle looking at a male's buttocks? Or some people arguing about some girl being an attention whore because she has her face for her profile pic? What was it?
  13. Arguing in general. 
  14. Itll be back dont trip.
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    In the boob thread, some girl posted a picture of her boobs which is apparently against the rules. He also said something about the same person posting over and over.

    The same with if you could fuck any girl in the world. Same dude posting over and over.
  16. Just stick with Train's avatar, guys. /shot
    (srs though respect to train, she's a nice lady)
    I guess it's okay to discuss illegal drugs but a little cleavage and BAM...
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    Boob thread? Girl posted boobs? Ruff, Ruff
    Im updated, thats a nice thread. Too bad it is probably going to get closed because people got in some nip slips. Kinda funny though, sorry closing the titty thread for review, everyone out now! :ey:  Flap, flap, flap...

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