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  1. 8th grow and still this is all my auto lady's their is 1 x big bud, 1 x road runner, 2 x 60 day wonder, (1 x wight widow not auto) 1 x top 69, 1 x short stuff
    they are all different ages so i can harvest one or two every 2 weeks. i all ways put another seed in the coco as soon as i chop one down that way i never run out of weed.

    I'm growing in coco with all the canna range and using air pots. wen i use to grow in soil and used normal pots my yield was no were near wat i get now. i would recommend air-pots and to use coco to any one they make such a difference BIG TIME
    im using 600w duel spectrum hps with 6" cool tube in a 1m x 1m x 2m tent 5" fan with 5" rino carbon filter.
    the big bud at the back i super crop it so that the light got to the side buds its kind if like a sco grow but with out the screen..

    my picks 001.jpg

    my picks 002.jpg

    my picks 007.jpg

    my picks 005.jpg

    my picks 006.jpg

    my picks 003.jpg
  2. a few more picks fore you all. the close up is of the top 69 and then a pick of all of the top 69
    and the one im holding the lighter next to is the big bud that i super cropt it is massive for an auto and its not stretched at all. lol
    my picks 008.jpg

    my picks 009.jpg

    my picks 010.jpg

    my picks 012.jpg

    my picks 014.jpg

    my picks 015.jpg

    my picks 016.jpg
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    Did you LST them? And what was your light cycle? 18 on 6 off? Did you keep the light constant?

    Nice grow.
  4. Very nie Auto grow! What strain is the Short Stuff seed?

    Ive always wanted to do like a SOG auto grow. Just have like 16 autos and hopefully yield an oz off each. Would be a nice harvest. Good Luck!
  5. i super cropt the big bud and i have them on 19/5 lighs all the time brov
  6. i just know its a short stuff auto but its geting very frosty and the buds are geting fat yummmm yummmmm

  7. I just spent $50.00 on 6 auto flowering seeds.

    I'm so excited to get them! I'm going to use your light cycle 19/5. This may have been answered, what nutes are you using?
  8. im using coco medium and all the canna range fore the coco and the difference to soil is quite alot well worth the extra bit money spent on them

  9. So you use:

    Canna Aqua Vega for veg


    Canna Aqua Flores for flowering?
  10. just wonder what u expecting to reap from each auto?
  11. no im use canna a&b, canna p/k 13.14, canna boost, canna rhizotonic, canna cannazym, and superthrive. all of them im useing and they are doing wonders
  12. i honestly can't say wat i will get off each plant because they are a;ll different strains

    iv grown lots of different autos and not one has had the same weight as another one any thing from 15g - 55g dry with no twigs just pure bud iv had but that was in soil now im expecting more sines iv swapt to coco
  13. yea thats cool, My autos are on the canna hydro feed as well. The difference is ive been LST'ing my autos, and i managed to get 90g of bud pretty much from one plant. Ive got a next one going, and i think she will be the same... could be usefull to look into LST maybe?
  14. have you had any cal-mag problems wile you have been useing canna?
  15. Havn't had any troubles, every now and again, she seems to burn if i put a lil to much in, but then just dilute the sulution. They love that shit!

    dont forget to flush!
  16. its my 8th grow,,lol. i all ways use canna flush for my plants bro
  17. Autos are looking great. Makes me want to try another one. I have a roadrunner bean around here somewhere brov
  18. the auto roadrunner is a nice and easy plant to grow in fact iv not had one difficult auto at all come to think of it brov
  19. my big bud and top 69 are almost ready to chop down 90%milky 10% amber im going to weight until they are all amber this time i think peeps
  20. my picks 001.jpg

    my picks 002.jpg

    this is the top 69 she is going to get the chop 1st as soon as they turn 50% amber and 50% cloudy they are 90% cloudy and 10% amber at the min

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