All Along the Watchtower

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  1. Bob Dylan does not get enough credit for this song, because the cover done by Jimi was so amazing people over look the fact that it is truely a stunning vocal track. The intro of the song hits you in such an odd way, much more different than how most guitarist are able to convey in music nowadays, a true classic. The whole song is a biblical reference to the main point conveyed in the book of issaih of the fall of babylon. The abrupt start of the song and it's bringing back of the beginning of the song, is all conveying a rebirth image. Why the song is so amazing is it presents the idea of rebirth, don't let what happened in the past effect the future. It does so with the tone of the chords and the flow of the lyrics.

    Truely an amazing song.
  2. Bob Dylan is god. God is also a black man who plays an upside down Strat. I think if Dylan and Hendrix ever collaborated in a band it would be recognized as officially the best band ever created.

    No reason to get excited, the thief he kindly spoke, there are many here who feel that life is but a joke :hello:
  3. Well alot of people like jimi hendrix because he is like the ultimate guitar god so most people hear his songs and automaticly think "OMG BEST SONG EVER". I do like Bob Dylans verison better then hendrix.
  4. There are a lot of people I know that don't even know that Dylan wrote the song. Tsk Tsk. I can't really compare the two because they are very different in style, but they are both incredible songs.
  5. Hendrix > Dylan
  6. think about it, the joker is a democrat and the thief is a republican.

    It makes so much since.
  7. they were both great, but comon you cannot try to compare the style of Bob Dylan to Jimi, they are both the best at their styles and do an amazing job with the song.

  8. But everyone knows the Democrats are thieves!

    haha, but in all seriousness...
    I've always liked the song - Dave Mason also has a damn good cover.

    I dunno, I just dig the Hendrix version more - but Dylan is still a genius.
  9. Personally, I like The Dave Matthews Band version the best.
  10. I liek the Hendrix version better. I actually listened to it a couple days ago stoned, and I realized how badass it was the way he used the wah pedal on the clean solo part.
  11. The first time I saw bob he closed with this... It was epic

  12. can you explain in any greater detail how the tone of the chords represents rebirth?
  13. i feel you on this. im a WAY bigger hendrix fan (i have 89 jimi hendrix joke! jimi uber alas btw), but i also see the genius in the original. actually jimi was gonna do a cover of st. augustine, but felt it was too personal. i havnt heard the DMB version (R.I.P. LeRoi Moore), but i dont doubt its amazing. ive just never been exposed to too much DMB dispite living in charlottesville about 95% of my life.
  14. both are incredible musicians none the less. i was just curious, has anyone here heard hendrixs cover of like a rolling stone?
  15. I like the Neil Young version myself, although I do enjoy listening to Dylan's version, and of course Jimi's.
  16. ive heard about 3 or 4 live versions, but never a recorded version. i hear one exist tho, but its not in my library of hendrix. i was actually gonna cover that version and put it on youtube, but decided to do another hendrix cover instead
  17. I personally like the dylan version, more soul
  18. Garcia Band does a nice cover

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