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  1. Sup blades. I'm going off to college out of state, maybe California or Colorado. My problem is, I don't know a single soul out of state. I don't know one name. I would be all alone at college and am not the most outgoing/social person. I tend to be shy. Has anybody else here gone off to college not knowing one other person? How did you start meeting people? I'm thinking of joining a frat, just so I can have friends and then maybe moving out after a year or two once I have a stable social life.
  2. join clubs and try to find other students that like the same stuff u do. if your staying in a dorm chances are you'll have a room mate(s). maybe he'll be cool maybe he'll be a dick. who knows. you obviously smoke so thats always a way to make friends. roll up a few joints and bring them to a party. should make friends real easy that way. especially out in cali or colorado

    btw im only in high school so idk what college is like. just guessing
  3. Good guess. That's pretty much about it. Get together to study with classmates, and build friendships off that too.
  4. If you room with someone pray that you get a chill person! Co-ed, only way to go ;)
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    College? You will meet people, easy. I did the same last year. All I did was smoke and walk around campus. The tough part is determining when to NOT socialize and study for your classes.
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    So you just walk up to people and start talking?
  7. I have a feeling I'm gonna be in the same situation so I'm praying my roommate will be chill.
  8. yeah I'm actually thinking of boarding in a room with 2 or 3 other room mates just so I can branch off of them and meet more people. I DEFINITELY don't want just one room mate or a single dorm.
  9. No, fuck that lol.. Unless it's a cute girl and i'm not too high to form a sentence :D

    I mean you will find yourself talking to people in just normal everyday situations. Sitting next to people in class, walking through your dorm hallway and seeing familiar faces, chillin' outside smoking a cigarette (i met like 50% of new friends this way). Just make an effort to be friendly and say hi. I don't walk up to random people and start conversations, but I will flash a smile or say "waddup man".
  10. I didn't know anyone who was going to my college but it was probably the happiest time of my life during first sememster
  11. i hoped/thought this would be a thread about jackin it when we are alone.

  12. Are you really alone if you do it over a webcam though?;)
  13. Just make an innocent comment to strangers, try to spark up a conversation and possibly a joint my *****
  14. elaborate please.

    the only time people see me masterbate is when i step outside on my balcony
  15. lolwut. i like trolls sometimes.

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