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  1. a is for acid
    rarly is it placid

    b is for barbituate,bong and blunt

    c is for cannibus
    witch we smoke (almost)every one of us

    d is for drugs, dope, and di$tructive
    keep this thread on subject boys!

    e is for extacy or ephedrin
    ither way im never coming down again

    f is for FUCK FUCK FUCK
    and fags with pet gerbils

    g is for ganja
    wich you stole from your mamma

    h is for heroin, hashish, and hallunications!

    i is for injections are for idiots

    j is for joint, jib,and xxJWxx

    k is for kief kind buds and krazyhair
    peek arround the corrner that rabbit it there

    l is for.....L....S....D>>>!!!!

    m stands for marijawa
    the way that it aughta

    n is for narcotic, narsisistical, nincompoop,

    and oh yeah......norm!

    o is for opium ounce and OD!

    p is for pot
    i wish i had alot...
    and also for pussy, which sensimil chaces
    wile being chaced by cock!

    q is for qualude need i say more?

    r is for reefer roofies and resin
    and reefercats and reformest!

    s is for the shuffle you do on the t

    t is for thorizeen
    they use to tame the beast

    u is for you and the drugs that you do!

    v is for vicodin and valum ...oh my...

    w is for weed ...indeed!

    x is for xanx...and i dont care

    y is for yummie those biskits just are!

    z is for zong i hit that damn bong
    and stay bent all day long!
  2. hey you fucks this shit!
  3. A is for anal sex

    B is for butt sex, bondage

    C is for clitoris

    D is for Dick, DirtyDingusUs

    E is for Energizer batterie powered dildo, ejaculation

    F is for fuck

    G is for Goo

    H is for Homosexuals scare me

    I is for Insertion

    J is for Jizzum

    K is for KY JELLY

    L is for Lube it up

    M is for Mouthfull of jizz

    N is for Necrophylliacs

    O is for Orgasm

    P is for Pie, cherry pie

    Q is for ???

    R is for rape

    S is for Sex in the shower

    T is for Titties

    U is for Uncle-Niece Incest

    V is for Vagina

    W is for Wet sex

    X is for XXX

    Y is for Yucky Gay People

    Z is for......
  4. Q is for Quickie

    Z is for Zipper (undone)
  5. LOL!!!!!!!

  6. I could use one of those!!!!!!!!!Q\'s!
  7. H is for homophobe

    funny shit dirtydingusus :)
  8. i want a cool shoe shine
  9. dirtydingusus.......I really liked the alphabet rhyme!!!! LOL.

    P...Pills called oxycontins make me free
    A...Addicted is how most describe me
    I...Incomprehensible is the life I lead
    N...Never facing reality is how I choose to be!!
  10. thanks ladys this was a wile ago....
  11. have to talk to jw about that!

  12. that woz great.. (learned some words..)

    Q .. is for Quicky .. ?
    Z .. is for Zone ...
  13. thanks gri...

    this thread is getting more responce now than it did a year!
  14. acctualy tonigh i intend to go and wake up thse old threads that lie there full of knowledge to b share, of good lough to communicate...

    niark niark niark..

  15. Don\'t worry about it, there is no such thing as reality.
  16. really ?
  17. its only as real as you let it be....
  18. jesus..dirtyd, no telling what in the hell these guys are going to find if they delve too deep..maybe pictures of me with a carrot in my ass or something.

  19. I still have nightmares over that whole scenario!!!!!! LMAO
  20. oh no norm...better runn......

    vegitables are on there way....
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