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  1. I always find it funny when people like to cuss out other people whilst having some sort of representation of peace on them.
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    where was my representation of peace? Did i mention or imply peace once in my post? All i did was explain for the egotistical shits in this thread what the statement "too long to read" meant figuratively when they found it pathetic that others dont read every fart out there like they do.

    Hey...this kind of shit doesn't float here. *RMJL
  4. There is no need to be belligerent or engage in name calling. Just chill and smoke a doobie.
  5. For all we know, aliens are just starting to evolve right now. If we strike now, we can wipe them out before they become multi-cellular organisms.
  6. Too late, we're already here...fuck...I mean that's not a bad idea. You all should focus on that task and ignore us...I mean the reports of UFO's and abductions.
  7. If you don't want to waste your time with the topic why even post?

  8. Are the pictures we have of your interstellar cars fuzzy or do you just fly fuzzy UFOs? Is Bigfoot your leader? Did you have anything to do with the X Files ending?
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  9. Why don't you all stop bickering and just move on, mmmkay?
  10. From my P.O.V, the moral of the story is:

    As a Species, as humans, as one big family, we are not defind by the actions we craft nor the intelligence we spread or the knowledge we share, as a whole we let a measly peice of PAPER regulate us, define us and destroy us. As a culture and civilization, we let this paper regulate our own reputations, we let it decide how far we can go everyday and what were allowed to have and not have. They say you can be anything you want, but thats in fact, the total Opposite. You can try to be what you want, but chances are that you're going to end up breaking your back over some ink and paper.

    You can agree or disagree, but don't mock me nor judge me. This is what I FEEL, and frankly it hurts knowing this is happening. Soon enough, our lives will be lived by trying to live up to the 'Status Quo'....

  11. Damn man! I thought you was that one guy earlier that was supposed to teach us how to read!

    Where did i say i didnt want to waste time with this topic? You see, if i didnt want to waste time with this topic i wouldnt have replied. But i never did say that. What i DID say was that the original post was uninteresting (for me at least). And then i went on to rant about aliens, which related a tiny tiny bit to the original post. Gotta brush up on your reading skills teacher!
  12. Totally agree. I think people are confusing ability to read with a desire to read. For me, I had no desire to read all of that.

    At the same time, I didn't want the op thinking he wasn't worth my attention, which is why I mentioned that I would read it if he shortened it.

  13. Well for having better things to do, they certainly had enough time to waste to say "too long so I didn't read it". Trust me I thought of this, but if I see something that I don't feel like putting in the effort to read, I exit the thread and move on.

  14. Why does it matter to you how others waste their time? No one cares what you do when you read a thread. Thats YOU. Great for you. The passage was not interesting enough for me to continue reading it. Instead of explaining it throughly i used a figure of speech. Im sorry i forgot some people are slow, i apologize. Next time i will space out the letters maybe it will be easier to understand.
  15. Ok man I will teach you if you are insisting.


    Lol just fucking with ya. My post about teaching people to read was intended as humor.
  16. The bickering needs to end in this thread.

  17. I agree, I think I'm the only one who really tried to respond to the OP with an insightful post but it ended up getting overshadowed by this non-sense bickering.
  18. Pardon me, but my very first post in this thread pointed out that it was a parable reflecting the lack of intelligence here, and was quite serious and not nonsensical. Try not to over generalize.

  19. Sorry, I didn't mean to overlook that, my bad dude. I'm just saying, there was so much bullshit running around that you're post was just overlooked, but yes, you did respond and I apologize.

    ANYWAYS, theres a moral to this story folks, read between the lines ;)

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