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  1. Do you blades believe in aliens? And that the the people in government are different than us? I think they're on a different conscientious. Anyone have crazy theories?
  2. Yes i think there are aliens, i think the highest rankin officials communicate with them, just look at all the military advancements we've made in a few short years...theres military technology your not even aware of, stuff that has been around for years... I saw a doomsday preppers episode some dude had bought a military truck from the 80's it could run on oil,diesel,normal gas,91%iso alcohol, kerosene, pretty much anythin flamable, anyways this technology is from the 80's and we still pay 3.67 for a gallon of unleaded gas for our unleaded only engines...get me?
  3. Given the size of the universe and the number of planets, stars, solar systems, and galaxies out there, I think it's extremely probable aliens exist. Do I think they're intelligent? No idea; they could be anything from single-cellular organisms to relative Gods.

    Do I think they've interacted with our planet? They haven't left any reliable traces if they have, but it wouldn't surprise me. As far as our Government goes... just lol.
  4. My friend's uncle owns one of those trucks. It's like an armageddon-mobile haha. He just signed a contract with some mexican food joint to buy all their used vegetable oil, which he can use as fuel for his badass truck.

    And to answer OP's question, yeah I'm as sure as I can be without experiencing physical evidence in person that aliens of some form exist. The odds of our planet being the only one in the vast expanse of all that is the universe to have founded life are just too small to believe that we're all alone. Though I admit that it's possible. Wouldn't we be special? :laughing:
  5. We are aliens, bro.
  6. You blades should check out reptilian shape shifters. Trippy shizz
  7. We are aware. There's plenty of threads on it in Pandora.

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