Aliens exist...I think?

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  1. So yeah, if the universe is any of the things we think it might be (infinite, limited, a molecule in someone's arm etc.) there must be other life forms. I don't mean walking talking bi-pedial martian men with death rays are a sure thing, but there has to be a plant of germ of sorts. Hell maybe even a lifeform we don't have a category for. Any thoughts fellow stonernauts?
  2. Definitely, probably only a few intelligent ones, but tons of life out there. And not carbon-based lifeforms, weird ass shit.

  3. You're on a marijuana forum... of course we believe in aliens!

    Along with all sorts of other crazy shit......
  4. I believe there are lil green men. Area 51 has evidence its just the govt wont release it because they think humans couldnt handle it. That and religion(population control) would be done with.
  5. [ame=]YouTube - Blink-182, Aliens Exist[/ame]

    great song, just thought it was neccessary
  6. Ok so what about the shit at the bottom of the ocean. That's crazy shit to be in our back lawn. If the lawn was too deep to access.
  7. It is absolutely plausible. I think there are lifeforms out there, but they aren't willing to communicate with our race because we are sadistic shit eating/murdering cunts. Also, if they decided to make contact they would have to share their secrets of space travel and we aren't ready for that. Should check out "Gliese 581 D". Some sexy shit right there, all I need now is to become Kevin Costner and get some damn gills.
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    But what if none of the lifeforms have mastered space travel. What if there are limits we haven't seen or gotten to yet. Maybe the cosmos are separated by powers unseen...oh shit
  9. Yea I agree with you. There has to be something out there. I wish they would come chill with me I'm bored.

    Unfortunately intelligence doesn't describe many of our species anymore.
  10. You honestly can't believe that humans are the most advanced race in the universe. Talk like that makes my point. Love you anyways though man. :smoke:

    Edit: Also, welcome to the city!!!!
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    No man I didn't say humans were the most advanced race. All I ment was maybe the races that have space travel have taken it too its limitations. Limitations that we can't imagine or foresee. I never mentioned humans being the most advanced.
  12. I forgot to mention I would get all up in some alien poon tang.
  13. My bad bud, I guess I read your post wrong. Who knows? Also, that Drake Equation is blowing my mind man!
  14. Most def man
  15. We take for granted a lot of things that are really strange here on earth.

    There is only one really intelligent species on our planet. Other planets could have thousands intelligent species but they are in smaller populations.

    We have genders here...female and male. Wtf would they have on other planets? Would they be similar?

    I could go on forever...
  16. also we like to think that lifeforms can only survive off the shit we survive on. pretty close minded to think that. there were organisms recently discovered that thrived on arsenic. if they can survive on that shit, imagine what else they can survive on; different gases n shit. so theoretically there could be life on jupiter
  17. Of course there are aliens, everyone know that.
  18. it only makes sense that there are other living creatures somewhere in the galaxy. there were single cell live forms found on mars, and water underneath the top layer , whereever theres water theres life
  19. I personally feel there is other life out there but obviously nothing like we see in the movies or video games. They said the pyramids could have potentially been built for/by other lifeforms as the structure was near impossible to build by humans, especially with no technology available at them times. I've also heard they have tried to recreate the pyramids with modern technology and failed, but even stranger is the images depicted within the pyramids tombs, for example there is one of human-like creatures with elongated heads looking up to something in the sky (spaceship?). I would bet anything Aliens have been on this planet at some point, but who is to say?

    Have you guys seen some of the recent UFO sightings? The one in Jerusalem is pretty scary and was caught by several different people from different angles. YouTube it!

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