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  1. How many people belive there are extraterrestrial beings? I think its inevitable that there are because of how big the universe is but I dont think there flying around earth in saucers.
  2. Yes and no.

    I believe UFOs and the ''accepted'' figure of a humanoid extraterrestrial to be real. However, I don't believe in life on other planets.
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  3. I don't understand, if you belive in UFO's then how can you not belive in life on other planets?

  4. that really makes no sense at all. those 'humanoid extraterrestrials' were not born on spaceships

    that's earth.

    we are nothing in comparison to the rest of the universe. to think that we are ONLY thing in the universe takes an extremely clouded mind.
  5. The universe is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to big to make the assumption that there is no form of life, whether it is bacteria or human-like creatures, on at least one other planet, somewhere billions of lightyears away.
  6. Yeah, I get told that a lot, even by people who don't believe in any form of alien life.

    I'm a rather open-minded person believe it or not. I've entertained many ideas of what other life-froms may exist and where, but, meh, doesn't seem realistic to me.

    Yes, I grasp the idea of how miniscule we are. Yes, I understand how many stars there are and how large space is (or rather can be). Other life in THIS universe, let alone our galaxy, is something I'd need to see to believe.

    Just a feeling..

    The way I see it, if you're willing to accept 'at least one', you can accept none.
  7. Well I would disagree with that because there is at least one, probably more, out of a billion planets that could possibly contain life. And those are better odds then saying "No, there is not one single planet that may contain life out of the billions of planets there are."
  8. I have no doubt there is alien life out there somewhere. What form it is in, and what it looks like on the other hand I don't know. Little green men and spaceships buzzing around earth would be awesome, but I don't really know about all that. You can sum up my views on humanoid alien creatures using the famous phrase "I want to believe"
  9. And there's no way to know that until we find one.

    The odds are supposedly good, I know. But we haven't found one. The universe astounds us, constantly, as we find out more about it.

    What would be more astounding than to find out we're all alone?
  10. To find out that we're not alone.
  11. That would be crazy. You just blew my mind. :smoking:
  12. It makes complete sense that there should be other life on other planets somewhere.

    That's earth.

    It makes no sense for us to be alone. You wouldn't find that amazing?
  13. They could be time travellers from such a distant future that between genetic engineering and evolution they only bear a superficial resemblance to homo sapiens.

    I'm not sayin' that's what they are, if they exist. I'm just sayin'...
  14. Can somebody explain to me, how it is possible to plot probability with ONE single point of information?

    I know a statistician who wants to cry everything he hears this argument.
  15. It isn't, but it can make for entertaining conversation just the same ;)
  16. Sorry OP, missed this.
    I believe, or rather entertain the idea, that any UFO or alien we've had contact with or seen is just us, from a universe (or dimension) where we've evolved to the point that we mastered space and time, and can travel interdimensionally, or inter-versally.
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    The universe is simply too enormous for complex life not to have come up elsewhere.

    I think it's kind of an academic question however because the distances are so great and the odds for complex life so long... IF there is even another intelligent species broadcasting/receiving out there, I'm betting the longest conversation we could hold with them would be: "Hello?"

    The Universe has existed for around 14 thousand million years. That's a big area not just in terms of physical space but also in time. Maybe ET won't pay us a visit until the Empire State Building has been dust for a billion years.
  18. or maybe hell pay us a visit in 2012 :rolleyes: him and all his buddies.

    i think its rather impossible for life to not exist out there...infact i believe there are at least 50 or so different species of humanoids within our galaxy. that are known a select few, and whoevers crazy enough to believe it.

    i mean, we cant even know if there are ships floating about or thriving planets with large high tech civilizations by telescope or anything, wed have to go there. the image we get of a far enough planet, lets say 4 light years, the light;thus the image, we recieve is 400 million year old light which we are only seeing now.

    alot couldve changed since then.
  19. Um no...if we view a planet 4 light years away the image is 4 years old, not 400 million. That's what light year means...the distance light travels in one year.
  20. Sorry, you just worded it really wierd.
    Haha this is my stoned off my ass speaking but, I think to find life on other planets would blow my mind, and I would be extremely dissappointed to find perfect evidence to find out that we are all alone. :(

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