Alien skull found in Peru

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  1. No man wtf
  2. Some native cultures actually went about elongating skulls. I forgot exactly how it was done but I know it was some sort of band that was applied to an infant and cause the deformity as they developed. You can even see that the skull is human.

    I would venture that, if aliens were to be found, their skeletal system (if they had one) would be vastly different from ours.
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  3. why is the body so little lol
  4. Thats retarded, besides the fact i've seen photos like this in the past, and the results were as badfish said. If we discovered alien remains, i highly doubt they would resemble human skulls so closely.

    I call bullshit.
  5. ^^ and too add on, i do believe in aliens, but i dont think this is it. Sorry dude :confused_2:
  6. That isn't an alien skull...
    Where were you in World History Class?

  7. They wrapped ropes around their heads till they reached a cone shape in adolescence. Still doesnt explain why the body is so small but you are correct.
  8. Mhm, I hear you, I meant to put ''Alien'' as in it looks like 1 in a way, but who knows, and I doubt its real, like my heart wants it to be real, but my brain knows its likely not of ExtraTerestreial origns. Who knows though (Que in X-Files Theme) it could be that an Alien died a long time ago when they visited Peru :$
  9. the only conclusion is that this skull is a human skull that was purposefully elongated. but the reason the humans then wanted to elongate their skulls is that they thought it would please their gods ( aliens with elongated skulls)
  10. lol do you guy see the comment?

    "If for some reason you feel like alien beings have not been a part of human life since the beginning. You have become diluted by your own infantile thoughts and brainwashed by what the government allows you to read and see. We do not belong here. We are the genesis program of another species that is more advanced than us. Religion was given to us to debunk questions but we have grown and advanced to such a level that it is time for the truth to surface. Who cares about the skull. Explain the thousands of structures that were built thousands of years ago that are mathematically correct and the myriad of mentions of such beings in ancient texts and documents. Wake up your God is an alien."
  11. Artificial cranial deformation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  12. I know wiki lists reasons why, but it could be possible that they were trying to imitate the look of visitors from another world, I doubt it though.
  13. why do you all assume aliens have endoskeletons?
  14. I dont
  15. waiting for "ALIENS" meme....
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  16. I don't think it's a human, unless they put an adult skull on a child's body, the arm is about as long as the entire head.
  17. Honestly do you think a body that small would have a strong enough neck to hold up a head the size of it's body? come on now.;

  18. If this is a real fossil of a real organism which previously lived, then I'd say yes. You don't know that it couldn't. Seems more likely that someone put an elongated skull on a child's body.

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