Alice in Wonderland

Discussion in 'General' started by JaneInMyBrain, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. Hmm i was just curious of all the ways that alice in wonderland is related to drugs. I know the whole mushroom thing. And i kinda get the white rabbit. I dont understand the gettin small and the getting big part. I dunno i think its a fun thing to talk about.
  2. I am to interested in this subject. :)

    Anyone know a site where it explains the drug relations? I am curious about this.
  3. dunno ..but i think i was watching this thing where it talked about how Lewis Caroll was tripped on mushrooms and was a child molester... ..the character Alice was based on a little girl he was obssed with..... that lived next door to him...

    ...soething liek thast... my memory is a littel 'hazey' ;)...
  4. The freakin' caterpillar guy smokes a hookah man! how great is that? and those guys eat tea plates and shit? scary when your high, and have the spanish version. no idea where it came from. coulda stolen it from spanish class when i was baked.
  5. hmmm check out this shit it talks a lil bout alice in wonderland and alot about the matrix too. I dont really believe much about what this guys sayin but really makes ya think... Maybe theres more to drugs then the goverment is tellin us. Kinda scary really...
  6. ill kill your lil white rabbit boitch
    so how many tats are you gettin besides a rabbit
  7. Im gettin that one then on on the bottom of my back :)
  8. That article is trippy.
    On a side note, I want a tattoo too. For awhile I'd considered a white rabbit.
  9. ya i want a lil white rabbit and i want it to say
    "Follow the white rabbit"
    and i dunno i want a lil red pill and a blue pill incorporated into it some how.
  10. hmm well i am gonna go watch alice in wonderland (the disney version) lol


    -- ill be on tomorrow. Im doin some E hopefully after im done talkin to my probation officer :D lol --
  11. anybody read the book? It was pretty good. I'm pretty sure that the Catepiller was smoking opium out of the hookah, not weed. Any versions I've ever seen or read he was sprinkling white powder into it, and the book hints at opium. This story is crazy though, it's nothing more than a drug induced world. I wrote an essay about this in 9th grade and was sent to detention for implying that a children's book was about drugs. Wretched teachers, if this isn't about drugs then I don't know what is.
  12. i was always under the impression that when she was small it's cuz she took acid (even though it was invented yet) and when she got big it was cuz of mushrooms.. who knows for sure other than lewis.. who's got a ouija board?? lol.. made by milton bradley or parker brothers.. what a gyp..

    i'm told that the real-life version (made in around 1990 or so) is really trippy or good or something. i had the chance to see it when i was a kid but it looked too scary at the time.. i think it's a polish movie or german.. i dunno i don't remember..

  13. Alice was a girl he used to play with. He wasn't really a child molester, but he kinda was a pedophile. He used to take nude photos of children.
  14. lsd wasn't invented yet
  15. When it talks about getting smaller/larger its talking about pills. Anyways anyone remember that jefferson airplane song "White Rabbit". Its a cool song to listen to when your on shrooms.
  16. that article confused me so much my head hurts im going to bed now damn that was fucking crazy i understood very little of what it was talking bout that was written by a genius that cant explain anything in a way that anybody could possibly understand i have an iq of 180 and that fucking article confused me oh wait im stoned ahahahaha im going to bed now

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