Alice in Wonderland

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  1. watching movies high is one of my favorite things. especially disney cartoons. wen im high the music is peaceful and kinda tingly in your ear? i watched alice in wonderland last nght and man was it tripy. all the bright colors and the unbirthday party lmfao. wen it was over i thought it was the best movie ever.

    i watched it again in the morning and i realized the movie has no point to it. alice falls asleep and goes chasing the rabbit and in the end she just wakes up.haha weed makes everything better:D
  2. i dont enjoy it so much, i think too much when i watch movies and its hard to concentrate, but if i really need to i can do it
  3. Dude I thought I was the only one. I have a lot of trouble remembering order of events and a lot of details and shit because I'm constantly zoning out thinking about shit about the movie and such.
  4. the movies ussualy feel really short. i only can like concentrate on the pictures and music. the tv was wicked loud but i couldnt understand the talking. then me and my friend went on an adventure to open the window(we forgot to open it anyways) and we were standing on the kitchen chairs while he finished the rubiks cube(we thought it was the button for the lava) to make the lava turn into tiles. then we went downstairs without touching the stairs. we kinda played that game from elementary school(dont touch the____ because its lava). it musta been weird seeing two 18 year olds playing schoolyard gmes. srry if this is longwinded?:smoke:

  5. I love playing the ground is hot lava game untill someone nosedives into the corner of a table and gets burned alive
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    idk for pe i went to a drive in uber stoned and smoked up the car the whole time it was fucking great sharing a bowl with saul :)
  7. i want to smoke at a drive in haha. but the music in these movies r fuckin awesome. we smoked a 20 out of a bong. first bng rips ever. theyre fuckin sick!. before i only used spoons and joints.

  8. Haha, that so deserves to be sigged :D
  9. ino haha im addin it now if i can figure out how to
  10. i figured it out lmao i cldnt stop laughing. but seriously. alice in wonderland is great wen ur high. not so great when your not lol
  11. i cant watch any movie high cause i either notice how fake everything is or i get those "paranoid stoner thoughts" or i just zone out. first to most often though
  12. i like the bright colors in cartoons. i dont really focus on the movies plot. it duznt work out so good
  13. I tried to watch Alice while shrooming one time. I had to turn it off. It was just confusing me. The animation is so trippy to begin with, I couldn't tell what was me wigging out and what was real.
  14. haha i wonder if acid makes the movie look normal? the movie is tripppy as it is. i think id get freaked out
  15. supposedly the book is better but i dntt wannaa read. tht sucks

  16. Probably the most epic post I've ever read.
  17. Alice in wonderland is really such an amazing movie....I have seen it 3- 4 times but I never get bored..:)

  18. Shit.......are you tellin me the ground isn't really made of hot lava at all?:smoke: :laughing:
  19. fuck that shit happens to me alot!!!Dont trip it happens to the best of us hahaha
  20. i weep for you, i deeply sympathize, for ive enjoyed your company much more than you've realized.

    little oysters? little oysters? but answer there came none. and this was scarcely odd because theyd been eaten, every one

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