Ali G Dangerous Drugs

Discussion in 'General' started by GreenScreen, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. lmao. "And are there and NEGATIVE effects?"
  2. What do you do with the drugs after you take them
    We incinerate them
    Well... why don't you donate them to charity?
    *awkward silence*

    That video is awesome!
  3. i have that season on DVD i think the line goes
    "so is there some kind of chemical in X that makes you dance like a prick?"
  4. I love Ali G, and that is one of my favorite skit of his. The poor guy, I felt so sorry for him, he was trying -really- hard. Hehehehehe. Go Sacha Cohen, go!

    I love Ali G!!!!!

    And my fav skit is this one.

    "Okay, I is got a mate called Dangerous Dave, and he sed he took 22 e's in one night.

    -Did he have a headache, did he feel...?

    -Actually, he said, you know, he had trouble gettin to sleep, but the next day, he was really buzzin, and the people on the Eggum to Risley (sp) bus said he drove it better than he did before, so do you think it could help...?"

    "What is the kind of acid that Hactually make you fly?"
  6. borat is the best of the 3 characters by far
  7. Borat is the tits!!!

    But my favorite line from the show, "Do you think a woman should try femanism once, say, like one night at a party when she's drunk and won't remember in the morning."


    Great show!

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