Alex K.

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  1. I have been looking everywhere for a worked Alex K. Does anyone kno of a site or anything?
  2. Does Supreme Smoke in your town not carry em'? They seem to have everything
  3. Aqua lab technologies .com has a bunch
  4. Prolly should have done the smart thing and thrown worked in there, but yea supreme don't get em even not worked and I can't find a website with one, and I would pay for a custom Alex k. but sounds pretty unlikely

  5. I love the Pakoh blasted ones on there. I recently picked up a used Alex K diffy, as my friend is upgrading to the SG 180* gridded downstem.
  6. Idk about the sg idk what kinda tilt you gotta get going to get all the slits to fire, I want me a sexy Alex k so I can lean how I normally do and get the mad diffy
  7. ^I'll hopefully get to find out today. I think his SG one should be coming in the mail soon. I know what you mean about the Alex K though, it is a great diffuser. The only reason he's upgrading is because I forgot that Simple Green would eat the label off his diffuser when I was cleaning glass the other day. I felt bad so I offered to buy it from him so he could get a new downstem.

    Now between the two of us we have the Leisure 6-arm, Alex K, and the SG 180* gridded. Can't wait to test them all out back to back!

  8. like the label made it diffuse any better...
  9. Lol I like how my thread just died, well fuck it my Alex k. will be here tomm, I had to get a clear one, yuck
  10. Bitfreakglass has them worked for 50$
  11. I'm going to fucking shoot you if they have em in my size
  12. And I digress there not what I wanted to pay for

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