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    I dont know how many of you just caught Piers Morgan just now, but he had on Alex Jones on and Jones came right out of the gates swinging. He flat out screamed at Piers that if you come for my guns the south will rise again and he will not let it happen. He then very loudly "debated" / argued with Piers for 20 minutes until a third commercial break.

    When they came back on he had a backup guest and they started saying that people like Alex were the exact reason guns should be banned in the first place.. that he was unhinged and posed a direct threat to the community. Alex called Piers a hatchet job for NWO and Piers pressed Alex Jones on his 9/11 beliefs which Alex answered.

    It was pretty strange.

    I wouldnt put it past Piers for a second to invite Alex Jones on his show in an attempt to discredit various groups. Alex can be a bit outspoken and these things need a delicate touch..

    Update-- ^ Embedded clip in there
  2. I can't stand both of those people, or CNN, so I didn't catch that. Hopefully someone will upload it shortly though.
  3. Oh ya it'll be uploaded.
  4. :D

    I hope it gets on youtube soon.
  5. I updated it in the Op
  6. 2 morons going at it mine as well watch wrestling
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    hahaha alex jones is hilarious..omg..

    hahah1!!!!!! haaha1!! wooooo hes so funny... omg..

    i couldnt even finish watching it. holy crap!

    CNN is probably like, in shock
  8. Good god that was painful. He went full retard.
  9. On a similar note, Obama has responded to Piers Morgan petition, lulz

    White House responds to 'Deport Piers Morgan' petition -
  10. alex probably thinks piers is an undercover nwo agent of evil
  11. People are making more and more decisions based off raw emotion as the facts continue to get shredded.. Alex Jones can be very outspoken and brash and I think he helped solidify liberal ideology on guns tonight. Whether he was right or wrong on the issues seems an almost irrelevant if the people watching have no idea what he is ranting about..
  12. He flat out called Piers an NWO shill, or something like that.
  13. He wasn't as bad as I thought he would be, but he doesn't get a lot of chances to go to the MSM so I guess he has very little time to get all that stuff out.
  14. Haha. Jones is always good for a laugh.
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    Do you think the economy will drive itself off a cliff before the current establishment relinquishes power? I see the wars and the byproduct of that (spending) continuing in the future in order to maintain dominance. I dont think this particular issue being demagogued to this level is even the least bit humorous.. but maybe i am too serious!
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    [ame=]Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan on CNN - YouTube[/ame]

    I agree with alot of what Alex Jones has to say, not just here but in general, but hes such a damn loudmouth, over the top jackass that he shoots himself in the foot and no one, let alone the sheep want to listen to him. I hate this government as much as any Libertarian or Anarcho/capitalist and know how damn corrupt they are but I cant even enjoy his message cause hes an ass hat!

  17. What does any of that have to do with me finding Jones funny?
  18. Depends in what regard you find him funny I guess.. I'll admit when I first watched this I had a huge smile on my face and even laughed out loud but it was not in any way to belittle his message, rather the way he delivered it and the fact it was even happening. And I just wanted to make sure this distinction was noted
  19. LOL coming out swinging

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