Alcohol & Weed mix?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 420tom, Aug 1, 2011.

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    ]no, no they don't lol

    i drank a 40 of old english and smoked a few bowls of some "blue kush" paid 35 for a half quad (which in canada means its absolutely bomb weed, half quad in my town of mids cost 20-30$).

    So anyways i'm drinking and i'm about 3/4 done smoke 2 bowls then finish my drink, close my eyes then my head starts spinning. I couldn't open my eyes i was so tired and drunk (I had jus worked 8 hours before the party) and with my eyes closed my head just kept spinning. i was passing out all over my friends lawn, yacked like 10+times that night, passes out in a chair for like 2 hours while everyone went on a drunk adventure to the store, felt fine in the morning tho lol. If the pic work's thats me passed the fuck out.
  2. cool bro, story
  3. I don't agree, I love getting faded
  4. You drank a 40 of OE. I think I see the problem here.
  5. 40 shmorty lol.
  6. I have smoked and drank before, worked out great, but I didn't do a lot of either, just enough to get buzzed. It was amazing, my whole body felt numb :D I think I drank wine tho.
  7. Ive drank and smoked sooo many times I like it a lot better than doing one or the other individually. You get soo faded. Really does feel like ya died and went to heaven. Also helps because you get the munchies and you eat a lot so you don't feel nearly as hung over the next morning!
  8. Just remember the ryme

    weed before beer you're in the clear, beer berfore grass you're on your ass
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    Liquor before beer you're in the clear, beer before liquor you're gonna get sicker
  10. Yeah that'll do it.

    One night I killed a fifth of henny and smoked a blunt with my friend and I was spinning like a fuckin feris wheel
  11. actually I always had a couple beers before I started smoking I never had any problems. I guess it affects everyone differently.
  12. Normally drink and smoke in the same night, soo I dont see why only a 40 and a few bowls would make you pass out.
  13. I love smoking and drinking it makes everything just seem so amazing.
  14. Being cross faded is probably the most fucked up I've ever been. But it was also the most fun I've ever had....I think... I don't really remember it too well.
  15. this.
  16. you'll get used to it buddy, it's the best thing to do when the girls are all inbred skanks and the boys are all cunts, just sit back, have 5 or 6 beers and then smoke a blunt, you'll be relishing their company in no time.

  17. that is sooo true mate :eek:
  18. that happened to my friend at all good. he still swears he smoked dmt or something. Also happened to me at a sublime concert. If i had to guess dehydration was a factor in all 3 of us
  19. Duude...that's the best. Smoke a blunt on the way to the bar and start drinking. As your high fades, the drunk kicks in. Winning!!!
  20. Hate it. Alcohol ruins my high, and I just end up staring at a wall with a blank look on my face. Way bored, but I can't move, so it's like, well this sucks?

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