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alcohol vs. marijuana

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 420skils, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. If anyone can answer this question please do. How can politicians leagalize alcohol which they know kills ALOT of people and they spend a shit load on detox centers, and they don't legalize marijuana because a few powerful politions didn't like it even though marijuana has never killed anyone and when your drunk you have no clue what the fuck your doing and that is when alot of crimes are comitted. Now people that smoke weed don't get like that don'thurt anyone but yet politicians made pot illegal even though they spend shit loads on drugs and that number is going higher because they seem to be arresting more and more people for smoking marijuana (also why our jails are so crowded).

    Someone please tell the people in government that they need to legalize marijuana because that would be the best day ever!!!

    p.s. im high and had to share my mind so there ya go

  2. That's actually a very good thought. Mad people are killed in drunk driving accidents and all that, but how many people do you hear are killed in marijuana - related accidents? Not many. The guys over in Amsterdam got the right idea.

  3. alcohol was thousands of years before marijuana became popular. It is in religous cerimonies (blood of christ) and legal in every country (i think). They tried to criminalize alcohol and did a horrible job at it so they let it stay. Many more people drink alcohol than those that smoke weed.
    Reefer was crimalized because when it was introduced (mainly by the mexican immigrants in the 1800's) it effects were unknown to the people in power and thought of as dangerous. The only reason it's still dangerous is because government is unwilling to change.
  4. The reason alcohol is legal is because the government can tax it. they cant tax pot because people would grow it inside their house if it was legal and they cant tax something you grow for yourself. they would lose millions if pot was legal no one would drink anymore because pot would be practally free since your growing it. and thus they lose lots of money

    :smoke: :hippie:
  5. there's that crazy govt at it again..... if only they could see the light.
  6. You can grow tobacco or make moonshine for free now...
  7. maybe sooner or later it might become legal. look at all the countries that are becoming less strict about possesion so if britain might do it maybe the US might too.
  8. Yeah the government sucks dick. They are fucking stupid if you ask me. I think they need to smoke some tweed and then they might realise.
  9. they do didnt you hear mayor bloomberg say " I smoked and I enjoyed it"
  10. VOTE,VOTE,VOTE to legalize
  11. if u made a petition and put it on the ballot could u legalize it in your state?

    man it got dark outside quick

    compound words like outside are wierd...its like everyone's just too lazy to insert a space....i should make up new compound
  12. The reason why marijuana is illegal is because the people who have the power to make it legal have not tried marijuana and are ignorant to the true effects of it.

    If they knew that marijuana was less harmful than alcohol, then maybe they would change the laws.

    The majority of people are taught from a young age that marijuana is a "bad" drug, as apposed to alcohol which is socially acceptable.

    Blah I really don't know why marijuana is illegal, but I do know that it should be legalized!!
  13. one night while blazing with friends this topic came up. i never thuoght about the gov't being corrupt until that night. My friends basically laid down this idea: if any drugs were made legal at this point, millions ofjobs would be lost from gov't employees. Police officers-special service men, etc. Thier whole entire carrer is to keep drugs off the streets, and if they were egal-our economy would demise completly. I never really thuoght about corruption, and this isnt the best argument to support it, but i think this could give a valid answer.
  14. Like heroin and crack and shit.
  15. Jada your right never thought about that how lots of people would lose their jobs
  16. its all bull! Capitalism and peoples Jobs in one industry is no reason to keep the laws as fucked up as they are! When an Industry dies due to other Capatilist factors, no one can stop the ensuing closure. Primary Industries like steel and Coal for example. But when It's a matter of public health and it is against the mainstay of practice ... well, we all know the way things are now.

    anyway... heres a little picture for the mo'

    I hope one of these works.

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  17. Super all the more reason to grow:) Peace Out Crocodile
  18. i was wondering is it worse to grow outside in the woods on public land or indoors, in the view of the law
  19. if u were to read in the bible u will find that christ annointed the feet of mary magdaline, mj has been around longer than alcohol, with far fewer side effects... i did a paper in school and if u regulated the anmount of thc (which can be somewhat controlled) and taxed on the same basis as alcohol, within 5 years canada would be debt free. the argument that the gov't can't tax what u grow at home is inaccurate all the supplies u need to grow are taxed, what about the home brew crews that bottle their own beer, how does this differ from me growing a plant? well my 2 cents worth of wisdom
  20. pot plants are less work, if you make beer it requires more money and time than anyone is willing to spend and it tastes like shit thats why no one makes home made beer, but everyone would have homegrown pot

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