Alcohol in urine, in big trouble need help

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    Ok im in outpatient rehab, I get drug tested every thursday and i like to drink and i learned that alcohol wont show up unless i drank within twelve hours of the test. So ive just been making sure i havnt drank on thursday and ive passed everytime.

    The problem is they got a new drug test company and it "sopposobly" can detect alcohol in the system within the past 5 days. Last week i wasnt aware of this and i drank on tuesday night with a buddy and then i took some shots on wednesday morning around 7 o clock, i failed the drug test on thursday a little after 5 o clock. I just learned today about that and last night (tuesday) i was drinking 80 proof vodka till around midnight, and if i fail tomorrows drug test which will be around 5 i will be in deep shit with the Judge, that cant happen it would fuck my shit up.

    Does anyone know how i can pass tomorrows drug test? Im a small dude 120 pounds prolly and very fast matobolism, got weed outve my system in 8 days after smoking everyday without even trying anything to clean my system out.

    It will be around 41 hours since my last shot of vodka when i take the test but i was trashed. I could get someone elses pee but that is so fucking risky so its a very last resort. I cant really go out and buy anything. Am i screwed do i have any chance at all of passing i really need help.

    Edit- Also my rehab dude was like "Wow they said it could detect alc in the past five days but i thought they where bullshitting" Which means it prolly wont go back 5 days, when i failed my test it was 34 hours after my last shot, now its 41, would drinking alot of water do anything?
  2. i would probably just drink a lot of water and maybe some stimulant (caffeine?) to speed up your metabolism
  3. ok im going to try it, ive done some research and they must be testing for ETG presence in the urine. Does anyone know anything about ETG urine testing? And if drinking water or caffeine will help?
  4. Is there any way you can legitimately miss the test and take it later?
  5. Extremely hard, ive known my rehab guy for a long time and he knows me, im not the kind of guy who misses a rehab day. And after telling me today that i failed last week and me kind of bullshitting him with lies and him telling me "Ok well i need a positive urine from you, show me tomorrow" He will def thinks something up but that might be better than actually failing. I just need to think of an extremely good excuse cuz i have to fool him and my mom on why i didnt go to rehab. Maybe ill say i have a job interview, but i just need to think out this plan well cuz him and my mom are going to be looking for flaws in my story
  6. Try going in a sauna
  7. Drinks LOTS of water. Be careful tho you dont want to drown your kidneys.

    Also dude how about you just say sober. Im not trying to hate but you said something about a judge so I am going to assume its court ordered. You dont want to go to jail just cause you wanted to have a few drinks with your friends.
  8. Yeah ive been trying to stay sober for awhile, my drug addiction/life has gotten so much better in the past few months it would be a shame for it to get ruined over this, My alcohol drinking probably is a problem that ive just been rationalizing to myself about saying its not nearly as bad as what i was into before, which is true, but its still something i really shouldnt be doing right now. So now im done drinking i just gotta get past this drug test or alot of shit is going to be fucked up in my life, im not going to be drinking anymore after this because i cant afford to be in another situation like this i just really need to pass this test.

    Are you sure about the water drinking thing? do you know if it will actually work?
  9. your blood alcohol level will go down .01 every hour
  10. I believe the test tests for ETG not alcohol, thats the only way i couldve failed last weeks test.
  11. I'm curious as to what ETG is. Is it some metabolite?
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    the article was a 2008, but you may still be able to use as a defense?
  13. Yeah its a matobolite. Im thinking of just winging it and hoping for the best. Or im going to try and get some guy at my rehab to pee for me in a bottle right before we go into there but thats hard because they test the tempature of the urine when it hits the cup so it has to be close. But i peed for him last week and it worked, well it worked but he tested positive for alcohol because i wasnt aware of the new test.
  14. just skip it man way better to do that than get in more trouble with the courts
  15. caffeine, tea (or cranberry juice), and b vitamins. that should do it.

  16. Yup. EtG- ethyl glucuronide
  17. Alcohol only stays in your system for 24hours. probably a little less for you since like you said your 120lb and have a very fast metabalism.
  18. Do you have ANY clue on how to read? Jesus Christ
  19. no need for the hostility bro, you could of just said to check through the posts again or somthin, no need to contest sombodys ability to read.
  20. You're right, my bad. Just kinda annoying when people do that

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