alcohol changed me

Discussion in 'General' started by iWarren2thag, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. this was me bak in dec of 2010 [​IMG]
    now i look like this.  dont blame me blame the bad heat in arizona makes me drink

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  2. i used to be fresh
  3. lol, are you for real, haha, you have put a lot of effort in to this trolling career of yours.
  4. even the zit scars. this guy covers all his bases
  5. i love 40 ounces [​IMG]
    dad smokes menthol cigs and leaves em on the table when he goes to oregon, i dont even touch em
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  6. You can still be fresh just don't drink so much and smoke so much. Put an spf face lotion on and wear a hat.
    Drink a lot of water and eat healthy and you'll be fresh again
  7. Mickeyes forty aka nectar of gods haha
  8. Sits in an A/C house all day.Blames the heat for drinking. :smoke:
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  9. You are a sexy motherfucker, I have no idea how you have problems picking up chicks :smoke:
  10. tell me somethin i don't kno!
  11. Just wear a paper bag over your head when you go out problem solved.

    Cut a hole in the mouth you can fit the straw coming out of your 40
  12.     i need a revamped surgery on face not lotion
  13. No one made you drink but you.

    As for your face, consult a dermatologist and perhaps wash your face twice a day.
  14. You can still make your skin look better... alcohol makes you plae and bust blood vezsels and turns your skin pale dry and red..

    If you had some color and some blood in your face you would be more fresh.

    Idga shit what you look like just tossing it out there
  15. ............but.....I always thought you were 2pac.
  16. Like this
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  17. I'm from Arizona and I look sexy af
  18. hahhh second pic looks like an autistic cousin of doug benson 
  19. ahahahaahahahahahg;hkag;klagkldl;jag[eoibnjnbom 
  20. ur a wimp, kid.

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