Alcohal is so shitty

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  1. Got fucked up yesterday and have a shitty hangover. Look at all the steps it takes just to get your body back to normal after drinking.
    I smoke weed every day and things are always fine. Fuck the laws man..
  2. Well Alcohol and Tobacco is legal because they actually cause harm. While mary jane is illegal because it does not, system is corrupt as hell.
    I use to enjoy alcohol, but I got sick of the hangovers and after my first time throwing up from it... I gave up.
  3. As a teenager all my friends used to come over and we'd get fucked up. Every time, the morning afterwards would just be a living hell. Guys will have puked or broken something, there'd be a load of tidying up to do, my body would feel like shit, headaches, stomach aches, really disgusting dumps...
    I feel great when I'm high, I feel fine when I'm not high, and when buddies are over smoking I know that the morning's just gonna be like any other. :D Fuck laws.
  4. Being drunk is still better than being high imo ahaha
  5. Drinking properly is common sense. Tis a shame so many people lack it.
  6. Well there are better unmentionables that make you feel better then being drunk.
    But yes, 3 or 4 shots of some nice brand liquor is quite enjoyable. I don't understand why people get drunk off cheap liquor or cheap beer.

  7. I don't fuck with that shit, only weed and booze.
  8. Respect, respect you forgot to read my edit lol.
  9. Because it's cheap.
  10. I don't even smoke cheap weed anymore, people these days are so into quantity then quality it seems.
  11. Nahh people like quality weed, and quantity of alcohol
  12. Ehh, 5 shots of cheap liquor gets me to the same place as 5 shots of expensive liquor. Cheap vodka I won't do, but I'm not about to spend 30 dollars on a bottle of rum or whatever.
  13. Captain Morgan dark rum, I will be drunk off my ass at about 8 shots.
  14. I love liquor with flavor, have you tryed Jack Daniels honey?

  15. Nah, If I drink Whiskey it will be original, I just slam it down so the flavour wouldn't really matter to me.
  16. Weed is alot better than alcohol, but alcohol is still fun. Its your responsibility not to get a hang over. I actually drink quite a lot when im out, but I know how much is too much. I try to drink water throughout if possible and typically have half a 16" inch pizza at the end of the night and more water. If I feel hungover, I just call my nurse, Mary Jane. Alcohol is pretty shitty, no other drug does as much damage to society than alcohol. It can turn normally quiet friendly people into raging, violent maniacs. But if you use it responsibly, it can be a lot of fun. And combining alcohol + weed is better than weed by itself imo.
  17. They're different, but I like them both.

    I remember the days of puking my guts out, going to work the next day without enough sleep, dry-mouthed, and feeling like shit.

    But as we age we (most people) tend to not drink like the world was going to end tomorrow, so the negative effects are a non-factor for me now.

    I still get a nice alcohol buzz, but generally just start drinking late Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and by bedtime I'm sober and get the amount of sleep I need.
  18. Getting cross faded is fucking amazing, try going to a carnival faded ahaha I was G as fuck.
  19. [​IMG] :smoke:

  20. I had to stop, I'm that jackass that takes 8 in the first 30 min of drinking....8 more, then 8 more, then blackout. No fun. Props for knowing your limits.

    And Delluhsion, That JD Honey, Does it compare to Wild turkeys version? That's the last shit I drank... just curious.

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