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  1. Fuck it. I say that shits dumb. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one in the world who doesnt drink.
  2. eh i like drinking. but i definitely love the ganja 100000x more
  3. Compared to being high, I really dont like being drunk, its like a woozy/tired/dizzy feeling like the alcohol has control of you as opposed to you having control over weed. Being high feels much cleaner to me. Ill have a drink every now and then but alcohol tastes horrid.
  4. I don't drink.
    Unless it's a celebration.
    And even then it's very seldom.

    I dislike beer.
    It doesn't do a good enough job.

    When I DO drink, it's usually Jack Daniels, Brandi, or Rum - (Mikes Hard Lemonade is Tastey)

    I like hard liquor...
    Can't stand getting mildly buzzed off of all kinds of liquids. (Beer)

    My parents are alchoholics though, so I've made a promise to myself and my fiance not to start drinking. I don't want to end up like that.
  5. i never really drank too much untill i was put on probation.... now i am a pro beer pong player lol
  6. i just love getting a case of MGD on a saturday with some friends, along w/ a sack..

    IMO cant beat the combo
  7. Im drunk right now, Molson dry rules. I will be playin GoW online, anyone got a gamer tag>
  8. yeah. I hate the taste of it too. And I def. like to be able to function on society while my mind is altered. so, drinking just doesnt cut it for me. its nice to see im not the only one.
  9. I love to smoke but I also loe to friends and I get drunk everynight hey it's the summer
  10. drunk as fuck to... if I had the cash 'n decent nug around I'd choose bud over booze

    but cheers bro heres to fucking ourselves up just cuz the bastards in charge pretend they have a right to control our lives with tax 'n law
  11. I dont like alchohol at all. I only drink it when im out of green, but just to get a little buzz.
  12. i've been a big non drinker since my first wasn't bad or anything its just oncec i found marijuana i loved it so much more. so i went for drinking for a few years because i hate the taste...recently i was offered free jello shots so i got drunk again...and smoked later that night. i actually had a real good time before i smoked because i was loosened up, but when i smoked the weed the feeling was just too weird
  13. hell i love drinking beers my favorite! i can hardly stand hard alcohol except when im already way drunk. i usually drink 7-10 beers when im gonna drink then i smoke a shitload of weed during the process otherwise its just boring.
    i drink more way more some nights ofcourse.
  14. To me being drunk is like being in this stupor of nothingness. My thoughts are completely numbed and inhibitions completely gone. Getting high has always been more meaningful and spiritual to me.
  15. The liver is evil. It must be punished.
  16. Now kids, drugs are bad.

    You can buy cheap liquor that taste like shit and get totally smashed. You won't remember half of anything, will probably puke, and might do something extremely stupid. Along with a hang over in the morning
    Buy some weed that taste great and get high as a kite. You might nor remember everything, but you won't care. You will feel great and wake up fully refreshed with out any long term causes or a chance of dependency.

    But, weed is the best one to choose if you are gonna do them.
  17. i dont drink either. usually everyone drinks beer and im allergic to gluten so i cant drink beer. but even with liquor id rather not

    weed doesnt hurt my head or my stomach the next day so i smoke!
  18. Sometimes I just like to get hammered. I treat them as equals cause I have moods where they are both great.

    I love beer, and weed. I can find the perfect harmony between them. I love it. So much good thinking happens durning that time.:smoke:

  20. hahaha that was great just about spewed my beer all over my keyboard and screen haha +rep for sure!

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