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  1. So I decided yesterday to start listening to full albums for a few different reasons. Mainly I've realized that I listen to the same songs all the time and seldom bother to dig deeper and listen to the rest of what my favorite artists have produced. So I'm going to be picking out albums and logging them here as I listen to them so you can join me if you choose and suggest ones you like that I should listen to next. Here goes...
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  2. AM
    Arctic Monkeys
    September 9, 2013
    1. Do I Wanna Know?
    2. R U Mine?
    3. One For The Road
    4. Arabella
    5. I Want It All
    6. No. 1 Party Anthem
    7. Mad Sounds
    8. Fireside
    9. Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
    10. Snap Out Of It
    11. Knee Socks
    12. I Wanna Be Yours

    This is the last album I purchased although I hadn't listened to the whole thing in quite some time on account of having lost the cd. I enjoyed every song on it, particularly Arabella and Knee Socks which I had all but forgot about. Definitely worth a listen. I haven't listened to their other albums so I might try and include them at some point.
  3. The Cars
    The Cars
    June 6, 1978
    1. Good Times Roll
    2. My Best Friend's Girl
    3. Just What I Needed
    4. I'm In Touch With Your World
    5. Don't Cha Stop
    6. You're All I've Got Tonight
    7. Bye Bye Love
    8. Moving In Stereo
    9. All Mixed Up

    I wanted to listen to this album because I always hear The Cars on the radio and they have some of my favorite songs but I've never bothered to take a closer listen. Just What I Needed has been one of my favorite songs for a while but I also liked I'm In Touch With Your World which I'd never heard before. Moving In Stereo was vaguely familiar to me but I haven't heard it in a good while and I enjoyed it. I was definitely glad I took the time to listen to this one.
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  5. Jar of Flies
    Alice in Chains
    January 25, 1994
    1. Rotten Apple
    2. Nutshell
    3. I Stay Away
    4. No Excuses
    5. Whale & Wasp
    6. Don't Follow
    7. Swing on This

    I love this album. No Excuses has long been one of my favorite songs but I enjoyed hearing the rest of the album along with it. Don't Follow is another song I love and I just have to blast it every time I listen to it. Just so much raw emotion contained in such a short song I could listen to it over and over.
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    The Dark Side of the Moon
    Pink Floyd
    March 1, 1973
    1. Speak to Me / Breathe
    2. On the Run
    3. Time
    4. The Great Gig in the Sky
    5. Money
    6. Us and Them
    7. Any Colour You Like
    8. Brain Damage
    9. Eclipse

    I remember the first time I listened to this album I was doing math homework and I just listened to it all the way through 3 or 4 times in a row. I had never been into Pink Floyd before but after that day I was in. This album really fits together neatly song to song and really is best listened to all at once.
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  7. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
    David Bowie
    June 16, 1972
    1. Five Years
    2. Soul Love
    3. Moonage Daydream
    4. Starman
    5. It Ain't Easy
    6. Lady Stardust
    7. Star
    8. Hang on to Yourself
    9. Ziggy Stardust
    10. Suffragette City
    11. Rock 'n' Roll Suicide

    This is the first suggestion I took and I'm glad I did. I enjoyed the whole album but I particularly liked Starman and It Ain't Easy. I recognized Ziggy Stardust from the radio as a song I always liked and never knew what it was called. This was definitely a good album to listen to, thanks @Zoom Rabbit for the suggestion.
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  8. Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique
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  9. Comfort Eagle
    July 24, 2001
    1. Opera Singer
    2. Meanwhile, Rick James
    3. Shadow Stabbing
    4. Short Skirt Long Jacket
    5. Commissioning a Symphony in C
    6. Arco Arena
    7. Comfort Eagle
    8. Long Line of Cars
    9. Love You Madly
    10. Pretty Pink Ribbon
    11. World of Two

    This is a fun album to listen to. Short Skirt Long Jacket is the hit but even without it this album is still full of goodness. I knew going in that I liked Comfort Eagle and Love You Madly but I had forgotten about Commissioning a Symphony in C and Pretty Pink Ribbon, which are both tracks that I really enjoy. Overall this is a great listen, definitely worth checking out.
  10. IMG_1078.JPG IMG_1079.JPG
    Three epic songs that defined Progressive Rock in the early '70's
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  11. Glass Houses
    Billy Joel
    March 10, 1980
    1. You May Be Right
    2. Sometimes a Fantasy
    3. Don't Ask Me Why
    4. It's Still Rock 'n' Roll to Me
    5. All for Leyna
    6. I Don't Want to be Alone
    7. Sleeping With the Television On
    8. C'était Toi (You Were the One)
    9. Close to the Borderline
    10. Through the Long Night

    This album takes me back to going on vacation as a kid as it was the cd my uncle had in his truck. I liked it then and I like it now. Each track describes its own little slice of dysfunction, which is a theme I have no trouble identifying with...
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    Barenaked Ladies
    September 12, 2000
    1. Too Little Too Late
    2. Never Do Anything
    3. Pinch Me
    4. Go Home
    5. Falling for the First Time
    6. Conventioneers
    7. Sell Sell Sell
    8. The Humour of the Situation
    9. Baby Seat
    10. Off the Hook
    11. Helicopters
    12. Tonight is the Night I Fell Asleep at the Wheel / Hidden Sun

    I fell asleep listening to this last night. I enjoyed it though. I've always loved the song Pinch Me so I wanted to see what else was there and I was not disappointed.
  13. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
    The Smashing Pumpkins
    October 23, 1995
    1. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
    2. Tonight, Tonight
    3. Jellybelly
    4. Zero
    5. Here Is No Why
    6. Bullet with Butterfly Wings
    7. To Forgive
    8. Fuck You (An Ode to No One)
    9. Love
    10. Cupid de Locke
    11. Galapagos
    12. Muzzle
    13. Porcelina of the Vast Oceans
    14. Take Me Down
    15. Where Boys Fear to Tread
    16. Bodies
    17. Thirty-Three
    18. In the Arms of Sleep
    19. 1979
    20. Tales of a Scorched Earth
    21. Thru the Eyes of Ruby
    22. Stumbleine
    23. X.Y.U.
    24. We Only Come Out at Night
    25. Beautiful
    26. Lily (My One and Only)
    27. By Starlight
    28. Farewell and Goodnight

    Listening to this whole album is a major time commitment but if you've got the 2+ hours to spare it's worth a listen. For me it brings up some feelings about the past which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
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  14. should give Ray LaMontagne's Ouroboros a run
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    The great fourth LP by one of my all time favorite bands.
    Released in 1972
    1. Wheels of Confusion
    2. Tomorrow's Dream
    3. Changes
    4. FX
    5. Supernaut
    6. Snowblind
    7. Cornucopia
    8. Laguna Sunrise
    9. St. Vitus Dance
    10. Under the Sun
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  16. FX is one trippy song bro used to listen to sabbath all the time when I first got into smoking :smoking::smoking:
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