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  1. I think you need to just stop taking macro shots of her. She's just shy and trying to cover up her naked growth tip by curling up her leaves. Give the poor girl some privacy. I seem to remember having some seedlings that looked like that... well, maybe not that bad, but I had some pretty fugly seedlings back in August, and only one of them didn't make it.
    I'll send some good vibes her way and maybe send her a bikini, here's hoping she makes it through.
  2. first off Alatar...this buds for you... and your grow


    with take..they sprout..some thrive..some suffer...but the magic's happening in the medium..the roots....then...blam..they take runnin' some mandala hashberry and 8 mile high..their like 30 day now...they were seed planted straight to soil...remember that way:eek:

    16 day..just transplanted into smartpots...they rock


    23 day

    30 day..some topped..1 lst.....2 with selected fan leaves removed to expose bud sites..couple left alone.....yep already doin' side by havin' fun:Dplus..i do for myself and i believe

    pretty good growth...i run coco/perlite...amended with bat guano...wormcastings...dolimite lime...blood meal....bone meal...sulpher.....nutes..canna a and b...rizo..superthrive..foxfarm trio
    plants recieved full stregnth nutes at 10 day...

    i do not recommend my grow style to works for me..thats all i can say..hate having to put a disclaimer

    Alatar..sure dont mean to you said..seedling pics only so exciting..thought some might find this interesting...the flex you get with coco:D...good luck with the little know..their tough:wave:peace deacon....thread name many stoners did those books and dark side of the moon influence:Dcount me as one:smoke:
  3. Hey Alatar I REALLY hope your black widow pulls through i want to she how she turns out. I'm rooting for you.:hello::hello::hello::hello:
  4. That's even more heartening still. If she does pull through, I'll have to clone her in appreciation.

    Ha-ha! I had a similar relationship with Freya, a bagseed clone that terrorized my vegetation shaft for about 6 months (it was never her turn) before I finally flowered her.

    It says I have been working the boards for 14 months. Cast your bead upon the water and you shall have soggy bread.


    Ha-ha! Nice colloquialism. I will be very happy to have you haunting my journal, deacon.

    Yes, I heard that Mr. Nice did a Black Widow drop. That's good news and a good sign. I heard that his grow op got shutdown this past year and that put his seed release schedule into a dark hole. It seems like he is getting it back together.

    I have come to the same conclusion, that the Mr. Nice Black Widow is the real deal from the original breeder. When I saw the Female Seeds Black Widow, I snapped it up on the supposition that they had obtained some Mr. Nice seeds and treated them. That is a supposition though.

    But I think there is more than one kickass White Widow out there, including Seedsman Seeds' White Widow, which goes for about $4 a bean. BUDSLiNGER grows that one, I do believe. Then there's De Sjamaan. White_Widow_Man grows that version. It would be fun to see a comparative grow between all the different White Widows. I'd go with clones. Then we could do Skunk #1.

    Thanks, deacon.

    She's so small and I'm so blind that the only way I can really see her is to take macro shots.

    You know, you are absolutely right. But here's the deal: if you want to keep your dignity then don't get sick. If she doesn't turn it around soon, she's going to have all the privacy she can handle at the bottom of my wastepaper basket. :devious:

    Thanks, Han.

    Thanks, deacon, and thanks for the photos. Your plants look beautiful.

    Yes, I've seen it go that way.

    That is the method that Mandala strongly recommends for their seeds. Those are excellent strain choices, deacon. The 8 miles high is on my short list.

    It looks like your methods are working quite well.

    Then we know of at least two. :D
  5. Thanks, buddy!
  6. subbed. our plants are close in age :hello:
  7. lookin good !
  8. Gentlemen, welcome. My seedlings are giving me a hard time today. My Black Widow seedling expired :cry:and my Super Lemon Haze broke the surface taproot first. :eek: These developments have compromised my tranquility. :devious:

    I sorted out the SLH seedling, yanked her helmet off, pulled the membrane off her cotelydons, buried her taproot as best I could and told her to get with the program. I doubt very much that anything good will come of that. :bongin:

    Damn, I hope that Blue Cheese turns out good.

    2010-10-12, Tuesday
    Female Seeds Black Widow RIP
    Big Buddha Blue Cheese day 6 from seed



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  9. I weep for your lost black widow sir.
  10. We are just going to have to soldier on without her.
  11. sorry to hear you lost her i also have a weird looking seedling but she appears to be healthy i am however have a hard time getting a 6th bean to crack
  12. Hey, sorry man.

    Knowing that u are a conscientious grower, that Blue Cheese will turn into
    a beautiful, flowering soldier on, my good man.

    All my possible good vibes are channeled at it.

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    Ugh, bummer about the BW. I was looking forward to that strain. I guess the garden gods have other plans for you. Seedlings are such a pain in the ass.

    What's going into the ground in her place?
  14. thats a bummer about your seedling. same thing happened to me the other day with an LSD. it was the only lsd seed i had, so its being replaced with a WW.

    pulling up a chair.
  15. Sup alatar! Hope you have better luck with blue cheese than I, something with that strain and I... we just weren't gellin! Ill be tuning in to watch :)
  16. Well, damn, I'm sorry, I guess I'll just have to send good vibes to your SLH now.
  17. RIP...little no name widow. :( Kay was like that and I did the same as you...she is fine now. I am sure the SLH will pull through, it is a workhorse. BC is looking like a beauty.

    What are you naming the girls this round? :confused: A theme?
  18. The very beginning of a grow is delicate time, prone to fits and starts, little setbacks, boring pictures. But there's no way to skip over it in my neighborhood.

    Thank you, Freak. I do think my germination skills need sharpening.

    Ah, that's the question. Hmm... I don't know. I'm going to have to cogitate on that some. For the time being, we roll on. I'm waiting on an AK-47 bean that's been in coco for three days. She went in with the SLH.

    I think Thursday or Friday I'll start germing the Durban Poison and the Eldorado. Then let's see where we stand and what our options are.

    Oh, bummer on the LSD seed. And, certainly, welcome to the early fits and starts of my new grow.

    Thanks, Norcali.

    Send the good vibes to the AK-47 seed. It cost more.

    Fingers crossed. The Blue Cheese looks good, but she is progressing slowly.

    Well, Mrs. E, I have to tell you that I am very conflicted about the names. The thing is, I have developed some reservations about the whole proposition.

    I noticed over the course of my previous grow that most of the visitors to my journal could make neither heads nor tails of the names. No one knew who was who. And I find that often happens to me when I wander into a journal. When the grower has named his plants, I have to track back to try and figure out what plant it is that we are talking about.

    If I do ever manage to get six plants going, six names will be an awful lot to keep track of and make sense of. It's not a system that scales well. Yet forever referring to the Blue Cheese as "the Blue Cheese" is a tiresome prospect. That leads to initials, initials that people will fail to recognize. It's a thorny question.

    But I know one thing for sure. Seedlings don't get names. :devious:


    That's the Super Lemon Haze not-quite-a-seedling.


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  19. mmmmm super lemon haze sounds like a bud to be smoked in the summer. At least that is what that name screams at me. Don't mind me i am stoned.......
  20. Of course, but how about I send them to both? AK-47 is fairly high on my shopping list, but I've had a soft spot for haze plants ever since Chenequa. Hopefully they both pull through.

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