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    ...and we're back.

    Hello, GC! Welcome, friends and fellow growers, to my third grow journal. Here's what we've got going on:

    Flowering Room (shower stall)
    Xtrasun 600 watt HPS ballast
    6-inch Cool Tube
    4-inch 178 cfm HO CAN fan
    GrowBrite 4-inch carbon filter
    10-inch oscillating fan

    Vegetation Shaft (closet)
    HTG Supply 4 ft. 4 bulb HO T5 lamp, 216 watts of mixed spectrum lighting
    10-inch stationary fan


    I am growing in equal parts coco coir and perlite.

    1 x Big Buddha Blue Cheese
    1 x Female Seeds Black Widow
    1 x Greenhouse Seeds Super Lemon Haze
    1 x Serious Seeds AK-47
    1 x Sativa Seeds Eldorado
    1 x Dutch Passion Durban Poison

    The Goal

    My goal is to have fun! For me, anyway, growing cannabis is a recreational activity. My first year of growing cannabis was a lot of fun. I learned a lot. I made some friends here on GC. I smoked a lot of weed. Now I am back from a 2 month grow break and I am very excited to be growing again.

    Yield is not a goal of this grow. Regardless of how much bud I harvest, it will be too much. My personal needs are modest, and this is a personal grow. I will weigh and report the yields, because, well, you have to keep score somehow, but I will not be growing to maximize my yields. I'll be growing to maximize my fun.

    The Plan

    The plan is to grow out many different strains. Initially, I will be growing the six strains listed above. All those seeds are feminized, so if they pop we should be in business, but I only have one of each, so if they don't pop then we're out of business. I have a few backups, other singletons. Hopefully, we won't see any of those for a while.

    The Blue Cheese was purchased a year ago but never grown, unfinished business. The Black Widow and AK-47 are iconic strains that I want to experience just because they are iconic strains, really. White Widow grows are a staple here on GC. I might as well see what the fuss is about. AK-47 was one of the first modern strains I heard of when I started exploring the possibility of growing. Some of you may recall that White Widow and AK-47 were the two strains grown by Mr. Green in the video “I Grow Chronic.” When I started to google “cannabis cultivation,” that video was one of the first things I ran into. It made an impression.

    Super Lemon Haze, of course, is the haze hybrid that everybody loves from the breeder that so many people seem to hate. Eldorado and Durban Poison are both alleged to be pure sativas.

    If all goes according to plan, I will be growing out these six strains, one of each, over the next few months. Along the way, it is likely that I'll do some cloning around, get some little mothers going, generally have some fun in the vegetation space. Everybody loves the bud porn, but the real fun to be had growing can be found in the veg space.

    The tentative plan is to flower the six plants in 2 gallon pots after minimal veg time. Cloning activities may impact the timeline somewhat. We'll have to see how the spirit moves me.

    Ideally, I will discover that I really like some of these strains and want to grow them more, and along the way I will have managed to root clones, so as the grow progresses we will see a mixture of new and repeat strains. Then there's regular seeds, as opposed to feminized seeds. Many interesting strains are only available as regular seeds, so I expect I will get to that eventually. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Planning is what you do when you are not growing, and it's certainly a poor substitute. Conversely, growing is what I do when I'm not planning.

    Current Status

    We have seedlings! Two of them, a Black Widow seedling and a Blue Cheese seedling. I will be germinating 4 more seeds over the next several days. Hopefully, we will get the total count to six in short order.

    2010-10-08, Friday
    Female Seeds Black Widow: day 2 from seed
    Big Buddha Blue Cheese: day 2 from seed




    Seedlings aren't every exciting, unless you are the one popping them, but I'm afraid that's going to be the fare around here for the next few weeks. But that is where grow journals generally start, at the beginning. Once again, welcome. I hope to have you along for the ride.


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  2. cheese and rice! We have a journal. alright!
  3. AWESOME ! Im totally with ya for this grow ! I got my second journal going also, if ya wanna check it out , cant wait to see your shower stall with some ventilation and an HPS !! :cool::cool:
  4. Good morning indeed! Glad to see you up and running again.

    I think you will be surprised by the WW. I grew WW from the breeder that everyone hates and am really pleased with the smoke. The smell of the cured buds is very pleasant, sweet, I'd even go so far as to say.. fruit-i-l-icious. :p
  5. Thanx for savin me a chair buddy.

    This sounds great !!!

  6. As always, super stoked to wath the master grow. Got one ? for ya tho, What ever happened to that Dr.Grinspoon that we were talking about? Good luck and great vibes headd for you and your seedlings bro.:D
  7. Interested in the AK and LH for my next grow or when I expand during my current grow. I'm sure you'll show us what it's all about. Sub'd :wave: :bongin:
  8. oh ya buddy let the fun begin i now have 4 seedlings :hello: they are midgets though
  9. Hey, ZeroStar, it's great to see you in here and it certainly is nice to be growing again.

    I will do that for sure, Russy.

    That's something I'm really looking forward to. :D Maybe, once I get that thing fired up, I'll start hanging out in the grower's coffee lounge. :p

    Me too! It's about time!

    I am looking forward to being surprised, but I figure there has to be a good reason for its perpetual popularity. It's a fad that has endured for 15 years. So this will be my first pass at finding out what the deal is with the widow. Not that I expect to make any definitive conclusions about strains from this grow. To give a strain a fair shake, I suspect you really need to grow out at least a full pack, maybe see a few phenotypes. But I do expect these singletons to give me some hints.

    Of course I saved you a seat. What if I get bugs? :eek::p j/k. I glad to have you here, Freak, bugs or no bugs.

    Ha-ha. No master here. Not right now. I'll let you know if I see one. Mastery does not come in a handful of harvests over the course of a single year or a year and a half. Your typical masters program runs three years, and that would be after 4 years of cannabis college, I guess. I'm still in "high" school, going into my sophmore year, I think. And sophmore is greek for "wise fool." Check back in a decade to see if I have acquired any mastery.

    Ah, the Grinspoon. Well, some tough choices had to be made. The list of strains that I want to grow is long, but my space is limited. I decided that, for this first run, I'd eschew Barney's Farm strains in favor of those of other breeders on the theory that Barney's Farm is the only breeder whose gear I've grown so far. This grow is about trying different strains and different breeders. If every bean pops, I'll have six strains from six breeders. But I'll come back to BF, I'm sure. They have several strains that i want to grow and Dr. Grinspoon is definitely on that list.

    Hey, gsxr, thanks for the vote of confidence and welcome to the journal. I too am looking forward to seeing what the deal is with those two strains. That AK-47 is my priciest bean. I hope she pops. ;)

    Yes, my friend, the game is afoot! My two seedlings are really tiny as well. I'm starting two more today.

    My germination method: soak 'em for about 8 hours in pH adjusted tap water, then plant 'em. Let 'em crack where nobody can see them.

    So far, that's working for me, though the waiting is nerve wracking. :p
  10. is on! Love the journal title you decided on. :hello::hello::hello::D
  11. Yes, it is! :yay:

    Thanks, Mrs. E. You inspired the choice by suggesting the tie-in to the username. It just barely edged out Ventoux's suggestion of Alatar's Marijuana Alchemy with a 600W HPS, which had a whole lot going for it, not the least of which was actual information. I think it was Han's endorsement that finally broke the impass. I guess we'll have to save Midget Sativas Fired From Cannons for another day.
  12. What happened to "Dialed Out with Alatar"? Hah!

    Definitely following along bro, should be interesting to see how you tame 6 ladies at once :)
  13. Whatever title I chose, I knew I'd tire of it eventually. But I think I would have tired of Dialed Out With Alatar sooner than some others. A little humility is a good thing, but I don't think I want it auto-populating the title of every post. :eek:

    Good to have you along for the ride, Mr. Smoke. As to taming the six ladies, yeah, it is going to be interesting to see how that goes. I may be needing another grow break by the time I'm done, but I think I'm going to have some fun along the way. ;)
  14. Woot!


  15. Ive sanitized myself. I will just sit at the backdoor and do security for now lol.
    I will be learning how to multi-quote too :rolleyes:;).

  16. Cool stuff! I'm really excited to see that Durban Poison, it's currently sitting at number 4 on my list.

    EDIT: And you went with the LOTR title. Let's see if I can rep you yet.
  17. very nice alatar, i like your seed choice. id love to try a real hardcore sativa like the eldorado, can't wait to see how it turns out:cool::D:smoking:
  18. Hey, Kinetic, glad to have you here.

    Ha! I think it took me about 8 months to figure out multi-quoting. It can be a labor saving device, for sure.
  19. Looks fun. I'm in.
  20. So my girlfriend and I are having an x-rated drinks night and watching Lord of the Rings. We're saying it's in honor of your new grow.

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