Alaska Approves Pot Legalization Ballot

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  1. Alaska Approves Pot Legalization Ballot
    Which state will be the next to legalize marijuana? Industry leader Steve Fox thinks Alaska, which has certified a regulate-pot ballot initiative for the 2014 primary. Fox co-wrote Colorado's Amendment 64, which legalized marijuana there in November, and is the MPP's national political director. He tells CelebStoner that Alaska has a solid chance because the vote will take place on a primary, not on Election Day.
    Organizers now need 30,000 signatures to get the proposal officially on the ballot. Fox contends that efforts to pass voter initiatives are generally more successful during Presidential elections, not between them, such as 2014. The Alaska initiative would be an exception to that rule.
    \nIn Alaska, possession of less than four ounces of marijuana in your residence is currently decriminalized.
    \nEven as lax as Alaska is on possession decriminalization does not remove the market from criminals control and put it where ID's can be checked.

  2. This is great news for them..hopefully it passes...some on here will say legalization is not the way...(cali residents)...but for some states it is..ppl need safe access to marijuana..andnot have to deal with sketchy fucks who also deal other drugs..
  3. Alaska will approve that in a heart beat, they don't give a shit about washington dc up thar. lmfaoif it wasn't so damn cold i would have moved to Aliaska, yeah that's what us native people call Alaska, a loooooong time ago. great article man.
  4. When i lived in juneau ten years ago the guy i hiked with.... his wife was an lawyer in the states aturrnys office..... they had the minimum allowed 24plants in their house.....
  5. One of the biggest reasons why people start harder drugs.
  6. its not going to pass if Project Sam goes there and spreads their disinformation.
  7. Well, it's not like weed just showed up in Alaska yesterday and I don't think the folks up there much go for the Project Sam type of shit.  As for Kennedy, I don't think our side could have hand picked a better opposition.  He didn't "wake up" the day after the 2012 elections and realize what was going on - he probably got a phone call from a group of lobbyists offering him a "consulting" position. 
  8. When i lived there.....they had the "free Alaska" party...... trying to make them their own country.... was a really great place to live.... would go back if the opportunity arises...
  9. I would move to Alaska if I had the chance and it wasn't so cold. I've only heard great thinks about them. Hopefully this passes.

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