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Alas....The Ice cream Man bids thee farewell...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NuBBiN, Jul 29, 2002.

  1. ...well not quite...

    ...The ice cream man has been cought. SJ pmed me and told me he was on to my massive picture games and informed me that it was eating up pixels, especially for the crazy people who view the forums with 600X800 resolutions or lower..... therefor...I must part with my massive 150X150 pixel picture and shrink the ICM down to the petty size of 75X75 pixels. please......dont're just making this harder for me to say....we all know how the ice cream man's large morbid glare changed our lives forever....but all good things must come to an end I suppose..and if you're wearing your glasses and have a magnifying glass close by, you'll still be able to make out his eyes in my newly shrunken picture...

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  2. LOL critter, I must agree!!
  3. i loved that big pic, now its small.... oh so sad, oh so sad!
  4. There's so little of him to lick now!!!!!

  5. gross.... is there something going on between the 2 of you that we need to be informed about here, RMJL?!?! :D

    NuBBiN so you've finally "stooped" to our levels, eh? well welcome to the club! it isn't TOO bad :)
  6. no..not too bad....other than the humidity, stench and that disgusting taste in my mouth....not bad at all..eghh
  7. *sob*........

    i dont know what to say...a monument of the city truly has been desecrated...that was just part of it...the weed, the comradary...and hanks perclempt....

  8. *falls on knees

  9. .........*takes poop*........

    i wanted to make another post..i just didnt really know what the fuck to the truth...
  10. youre an honest man normsy poo...and hanks avatar will forever miss that in you...
  11. The Mini-ICM still creeps me the hell out! Nothing will ever change that Nub!! ;)

  12. Oh, c'mon ganja girl, you know the Ice Cream Man get's sexier everyday we look at him!!!!!

    (...she'll admit it one day....)
  13. lol. stare at the big one at the beginning of the thread...
  14. Oh the humanity!!!! It jus ain't the same, he isn't in my face like before. Well at least I won't be freaking out anymore.

  15. you know, come to think of it, he's not ALL that bad looking....

    good lord what am i saying?!?!

    and i stared at the pic above, but probably not for long enough ~ is it me or is that picture quivering in the slightest bit??

  16. The smaller he gets the better looking he gets. Don't ya'll agree?
  17. waaaa!!
    i didn't notice it till now, but the pic blinks!
  18. meow

    on status...i use..when i "out to lunch" everyone knows that means im pooping
  19. it winks

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