Alarm Clocks interrupt unconcious mind

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Ezav420, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. For those on a spiritual quest, is a good site to get information on tons of topics. They are updated constantly and have good discussions. I came across this and got to thinking about the second part...our inner clock.its pretty interesting.

    a penny for your thoughts!
  2. Pretty interesting read! I never really thought of alarm clocks in that way. I personaly hate alarm clocks and don't use them... although I think it's something we can adapt to without really harming ourselves. That guy doesn't really give any founded arguments as to why shouldn't use them asides for it being a "western thing".
  3. The part that I found most interesting is the part about alarm clocks possibly being the obstacle to remembering dreams. I'd never really thought about that. I know that when I'm smoking weed, I don't remember my dreams. When I do a tolerance break, I'll usually start remembering dreams on the third night. Usually, by the third week I'll start having nightmares. And during my most recent break I finally found out that the nightmares will actually stop after about a week and I'll go back to dreaming my usual oddball stuff.

    There's a rhythm to the whole process and now I can see how maybe the alarm clock has a big part in setting those rhythms. Nice find, Ezav420!:cool:
  4. that interesting. i tend to not remember my dreams, but the ones i do remember are either ridiculously random, or its like every day life with a small twist... as for MJ and sleeping, i sometimes dream but its no different than usual.

    [edit] lol i forgot to mention, i've never noticed a rhythm to my dream cycle. i wonder how many studies of been taken on this subject. i'd love to know more

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