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  1. Hi the name tells it all i m from A.L i m 26 and i m a Gorilla grower i join to give and get help in that area Gorilla growing
  2. FINALLY! Someone to answers my questions about Koko
  3. Roll Tide
  4. What's up man? Reppin the 205 myself, welcome to the City.

    You ready for that game tomorrow?

    ROLL TIDE ROLL! :metal:
  5. Just wish I could make it back to Bryant-Denny to see one in person!
    (or SC for that matter...)

  6. Ah, I've been to Bryant-Denny three times this season. I swear I get chills everytime I hear that glorious "ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL TIDE!" just as they kick the ball downfield.
  7. Greetings to my fellow Bama fans! It's sweet to see fellow Alabama people on this site who love the Crimson w/ the green.

    Huge game coming up later today, fo sho.

    Would def. recommend getting over to B-D stadium for a game. I went to the San Jose State game (also traveled to see 'em play at Arkansas, which took roughly 5 years off my life) and plan to go to the Iron Bowl this year too.

    It's great to finally find a site like this....
  8. Welcome to the City man. I too grow out in the wild. It's just fun knowing that I'm using the state's property to grow grass.
  9. Weagle, weagle, war damn eagle!

    New guy here in the 256. I don't even know what gorilla is, but I would love to find out.:smoke:
  10. whats up people looking to have fun with yall:smoke::smoke:

  11. Yo man, you in Gadsden?

    2 hours 'till game time. Roll tide! :metal:
  12. 256 here.
    glad to see some bama peeps
  13. One more 256 here! haha.
  14. What's up man? Mississippi guy here and Bama fan even with the loss to SC.
  15. Where all you guys in the 256 at? Shit, I come up around those parts about once a week to burn one with a family member that lives up there. We should all meet up and smoke one down.
  16. I'm down!
  17. You probably know what guerrilla is though ;)
  18. Hey man, also reppin the 205. Good to see more AL folk around here. Hit me up if y'all wanna hang.
  19. War Damn Eagle. 334 here
  20. Glad to see this thread again. In the 'ham here.

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