Al-Qaeda Cell Producing Saring Gas Busted In Iraq

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    Syria's Al Nursa, reportedly the most effective killing machine among the rebels in Syria, pledged their loyalty to Iraq's Al Qaeda and now the Iraqi gov't is making some headway in stopping these terrorist bastards by shutting their chemical weapon facilities. Iraq has been and continues to be rocked by deadly attacks from these terrorists and recently Al Nursa terrorists in Turkey were captured with the much feared chemical weapons. Reports keep coming in from Syria that these chemical weapons are being used  and Assad is usually immediately blamed but as time goes on and these events come to light it's becoming more obvious it's these terrorist factions who are using these weapons. 
    The UN has recently black listed Al Nursa so lets hope when the US sends the Syrian rebels more millions none of that money falls into their terrorist hands or if the EU decides to arm the rebels none of those weapons will find their into their terrorist hands... :rolleyes:. The US Gov't hopes only 9% of the Syrian rebels belong to terrorist factions. 
    They're keeping their fingers crossed. 

  2. These damn criminal gangs fighting for power and territory.... it's starting to get really serious over there. It is no surprise that the criminal gang in my territory wants to support some violent gang thousands of miles away. Violence begets violence
  3. It's great to see Iraq is working against Al-Qaeda and its affiliates.
  4. They always have done so. Even in the Hussein regime. 
  5. Yeah, it's time like these when I don't know who to trust.
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    To be honest, all news outlets are not to be trusted fully and should always be questioned.

    That said, here's more sources:

    There's more sources if you do a search.

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