Akward goodbyes?

Discussion in 'General' started by Mendi769, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Does anyone else think goodbyes are akward as shit? It's my last day at work before college and all these people that act like they know me are telling me goodbye and goodluck. Then the guy I work with (older guy) he's cool as shit, gave me 20 dollars and was like have fun tonight, I didnt know what to say to him besides thanks and I will, and see you next year lol
  2. Peace. <----that was pretty easy and not awkward.
  3. lol.

    You ever wonder how awkward it would be if one of your friends actually said:


    when they left?

    Almost everyone just says something along the lines of:

    Ima head out
    catch ya later

    but almost never "Goodbye" lol

  4. This.
  5. That's why I say:

  6. i say the same thing everytime i leave

    "peace out, yo"
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  7. Yea but I wont see any of these people for another year is what I'm saying, I go 6 hours away from my hometown and I don't like just saying peace? Feel like that's a little cold in my point of view
  8. Suck it easy.

    every time, all the time :wave:

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