Akward experience at Walmart = (

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by masterk1818, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. So i work at walmart and i was talking to this customer. He eventually starts talking about his daughter, just some small talk, He then takes out his wallet and shows me a picture of her.
    so as he is pulling out his wallet to show me the picture I'm thinking
    "what do I say when he shows me?"
    "Do I say she is pretty, is that what he wants?
    "What if he takes it the wrong way"

    By the time all this went through my head he showed me the picture.

    I had no idea what to say so I just say.....nice (but when i said it it kinda sounded like a creepy NICE!)

    Haha he had the most awkward look on his face and we just stopped talking and he left

    awkward stuff like this happens to me on a daily basis because i lack social skills but its always fun for me to tell stories when my friends are blazed, does stuff like this happen to you?
  2. omg...I could not imagine wtf I would ever do in that situation

    like...wtf? what a retard. He deserved it lmao

    was she hot?

  3. Yeah she looked good man
  4. "Oh really, you got more kids?"

    "Is she your only child?"

    "How old is she?"

    "The other day I have seen a girl just like your daughter."

    "Where does she go to school?"



    blah blah blah
  5. haha i love awkward stories
  6. Yeh dude, Noice!
  7. This is my daughter.


    Its all it takes man:rolleyes:
  8. those situations become so much more complex when hiiiigh

    should've asked for her number and address and names of known associates :cool:
  9. Dude I woulda asked how old she was and

    if he was cool I'd ask if she was single :):smoke:
  10. way too creepy. i think you handled it perfectly.

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