Akashic Records

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  1. anyone ever have any experience with the Akashic Records or know anything about them?

    Any info, links, or comments are appreciated.
  2. It seems as though Akashic records are keeping track of all of our souljourns happenings.

    From my experience the most important thing in trying to understand the Akashic records seems to be the binding agreements we as souljourns have made that are diametrically opposed to one condition of love. That is understanding it is unconditional.

    Things like sacrifice and betrayal and other idea's are simply impossible in God's creation. Thus keeping us "separate" from our Creator. Finding how the ego was attempting to convince me of sacrifice was a tricky catch. One which I'm still dealing with... boy does this feel like purgatory.
  3. edgar cayce had a lot to say, check him out if you haven't
  4. Ah yes thank you. I heard someone mention his name before but I couldn't remember his name last night when I was googling.

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  5. Nope, no experience with Akashic records. You have to be quite evolved to gain access to such a thing, the reflecting ether is next but it's not very accurate. Even when you first gain the ability to look into the Akasha, you will only be able to view a very limited amount of things, typically only personal experiences.
  6. How interesting you make a thread about this...I just heard about these for the first time a day or 2 ago...

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