Ak47 n Skunk

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by HieroFunk, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. 10.5 of AK for $145.

  2. Nice weed man. I saw that first post and I was like "oh come on! show us da mother load" and then ur second and third post come along, and now im happy. Have tons of fun =)
  3. hah, how is hash? ive always wanted to try it. isnt it the remains of a female plant? i dont know any growers :( .
  4. Haha so funny to hear bout ppl that still havent smoked hash.

    u need to try making some hash some time.
  5. all that weed in the 10th pic is only 2.9 grams?!?!
  6. yea it looks way more than that
  7. can't beat some good bubble hash!!!!!!!
  8. yeah it is, i get that alot tho. its 2.9.
  10. Hey nice shit man

    talking of dealing is against the city rules.......Sid
  11. yo man where did you get that scale from! its a kick *** lil guy
  12. mmm :p... ..looks yummy ummy in my tummy!...
  13. shit man how bout sendin some of that our way...F*cK YEAH
  14. yeah bro that's some DANK herb...post one of those pics in the thread Red, Yellow, and Orange hairs because wee-one thinks AK47 has white hairs not orange...prove his ass wrong
  15. I wish we could get ak-47 in michigan.
  16. just did around here. looked just like that.

    oh wow was that fun. i want more. it was a bit pricey though, $55 for an 1/8 when its usually 40-45. it was worth it though
  17. Weed looks bomb man, nice scales too.

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