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AK-47 loses its power???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Fredbear, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. I pick up a half about two weeks first it was really good crisp and clean..

    but now it seems its not quite as potent....I know what your going to say "you've developed a tolerance to it"

    I have had other strains that don't act like this as they deliver what there supposed to do

    Its just that I have had this weed before and the same kind of effects happened with it.....comes out strong but finishes weak

    Maybe ill put this back on the shelf and get a different strain

    smoke it once in awhile

    has anyone ever encountered this problem with AK-47
  2. How are you storing it? Is there direct sunlight, if there is, sunlight destroys THC. Is the container airtight? It Should be.
  3. Are you complaining about the high or the bud itself? It's not really clear...
  4. Unless you're storing your buds in some ridiculously bad conditions, I'd say its probably all in your head.
  5. not all ak-47 is created equal, neither are growers.
  6. Its definately not the bud, check your methods of smoking, and/or use of other drugs such as crack.
  7. my computer loses power when i unplug it, are you sure its plugged in properly?
  8. I second what Phisher and Bongsauce said . . .
  9. [quote name='"Jumbo"']my computer loses power when i unplug it, are you sure its plugged in properly?[/quote]

    This is exactly what I was thinking
  10. its stored in a mason jar out of direct sunlight or any, for that matter......

    I mean why did I get a good high of it for the first little while, I smoke the same way the same amount all the time.

    other stains Ive had don't act like this.....they all stay the same

    this AK-47 I have now seems to be not as strong as it was when I first got it..

    and like I said I have had this stuff maybe last year and it was the same thing.

    the guys usually has northern lights.... like all the time.

    thats why I can notice the difference.......I asked him about it and he said some of the other guys had asked about it as well.

    just thought maybe some of you may have experienced the same and if so why does it happen with this strain
  11. forever a mystery, pray to the ganja gods.
  12. Put your bud in some air-tight mason jars. You can buy like 12-packs of them. Put them in a dark place & your all good for like a year literally. I have my Medical Headstash jarred up & in a dark, cool safe.

  13. or use of polypseudorastoflaxior in a pesudopseudonuclear membrane forming

    bipseudopolynucleardimethylhydrocarbon. AKA "the stuff"

  14. Ya What He said! haha

    In all honesty it's in your head or some elfs snuck in and vaped your bud while you were sleeping....
  15. Haha, It is that time of the year. . .

  16. See, i told you
  17. #17 Husky42, Nov 27, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 27, 2011
    Seriously? I mean, seriously?

    For christ sake i mean.. really.....

    A week or two?

    Do you know how long it takes to dry and cure? how long people actually cure and store bud?

    You can store weed for YEARS and it will be fine. Just fine and not lose much if any potency.
  18. OK I guess im not explaining it right I know its not the bud...cause when I come back to it aft I smoke a different strain......its there....right where it should be but when i smoke it for a bit it's not as strong......

    Maybe if this is sooo ridiculous sounding it really must be in my head

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