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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ChiLLZ, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. im makin a waterfall bong out a 2 L bottle n im just wonderin how 2 get tubez 2 bind 2 the bottle airtight and water tight without using glue... how do u guys do it?

    n e help apreciated
  2. precision. what are you using for a bowl? do you plan on making this a filtered waterfall? use a pointy pair of scissors to drill a perfectly round hole in the plastic top. i fyou gett the sizes right it will be tight enought to avoid any type of adhesive. at least that is what i do
  3. if the bowl is metal and has a decent sized stem, put a lighter to the plastic cap til it looks a bit melted, then push the stem right through quickly. it should be completely airtight
  4. melt the plastic just a lil, then jab the tube through..then pull it back out just a little..the DO NOT MOVE IT AT ALL..then wait till it cools off, then pull it out.
  5. I usually make the hole by melting the cap with a lighter just a little then using a phillips head screw driver. Then to make the straw, pen thing or whatever seal I use a little bit of gum. Works wonders. I was able to make one seal without gum the other day, but that was with a special nifty straw and required precision lighting and trimming and stuff until it fit just right.
  6. gum works good for sealing. i personally use silicon sealant.:)
  7. I found a couple things of silicone caulk at home so that should be nice when I get home to stay for the summer. Here at school I improvise so gum is good.

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